Health Care

Veterinarians’ prescriptions for what ails your pooch. Plus, a healthy dose of prevention advice.

dogs and cataracts
Causes, risks and treatment of cataracts in dogs.
why is my dog throwing up - sick dog
Some of the reasons your dog may be throwing up and when to call the vet.
dog ate raw dough
Risks for dogs eating raw dough include obstruction and alcohol poisoning.
gastrointestinal foreign bodies in dogs
A vet’s-eye-view of an all-too-common problem.
Dogs with idiopathic vestibular disease, "Old Dog Syndrome", Misunderstood ailment
Vestibular signs in dogs are often incorrectly referred to as a stroke
Doberman Dog Breed Susceptible to Bloat in Dogs
What you need to know about this life-threatening condition for dogs
Tetanus & Dogs
Surprisingly, foxtails are another source of the tetanus toxin.
Uveitis in dogs - eye inflammation treatment
Natural remedy may prove to be a key for managing symptoms without side effects.
A new study confirms the influence in Labrador Retrievers
lipomas on dog
Are all fatty tumors benign and what causes them?
how to clean puppy dog ears
Tips on examining, cleaning and medicating a dog’s ears.
pancreatitis in dogs
From slight pain to life-threatening illness: learn the causes and treatment of canine pancreatitis.
"Nontoxic" Toxins for dogs include glow jewelry, birth control pills, steroid creams in small quantities
From silica gel packets to poinsettias, dogs ingesting these toxins may not need a trip to the vet
spay and neuter dog
Why do it, when to do it, what to expect—everything you need to know
2020 spot is a thank you for saving dog’s life