Health Care

Veterinarians’ prescriptions for what ails your pooch. Plus, a healthy dose of prevention advice.

determine your dogs age
Part science, part artful guesswork
Halloween dog
Keep All-Hallows-Eve safe and fun for pups
Patches before the operation to replace part of her skull with a titanium implant. (Canadian Press)
The procedure is thought to be the first of its kind in North America
Superbug Causes Diarrhea in Humans
A primer on what to ask and what to do next during a trip to the veterinary ER
First we supported the dog in a standing position over a balance ball and used an electrical muscle stimulation device
How physical therapy gave a dog a fighting chance at mobility
hyperthyroidism in dogs
Hypothyroidism symptoms, diagnosis and treatments
New pain treatments for dogs with arthritis are on the horizon.