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The science and business of keeping your best friend in the pink.

It’s time to get out, kick back and have fun with dogs—safely!
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Is there something more we can do to help our pups?
Time in the pool helps dogs maintain or improve functionality and muscle tone without putting stress on their joints. At Holistic Veterinary Care’s Oakland, Calif., facility, Penny does an assisted dog paddle.
A fast-growing rehabilitation option
Burwell, Vet Advice for Dry Eye
Dealing with dry eye in dogs–a common canine ailment.
titer testing in dogs
An alternative to annual vaccines for dogs.
Searching for the ideal vet
Palliative and hospice care making strides
For dogs with Alzheimer's confusion may reign as light falls
Companionship Through the Ages
dog wrapped in towel
Best practices for self-serve dog washes.
Dog looking away
Some Compulsive Disorders Point to the Gut
Dog in grass with tennis balls
Be proactive in monitoring what goes in your dog’s mouth
Canine Orthodonics - Maxwell
Orthodontics—braces—are actually the most gentle way of dealing with a malocclusion.
Foxtails and Dogs
Tips on keeping your dogs safe