Herding Dog Brings Sheep Home

Nobody else wanted the sheep in the house, though
By Karen B. London PhD, November 2017

Stories of canine behavior leading to a mess in the house are ubiquitous among dog guardians. If you have any illusions that your dog caused some kind of record-setting clean-up problem, you’re going to have to let them go. That distinction goes to Rocky, a seven-month old Border Collie puppy belonging to Rosalyn Edwards in Devon, England. Rocky led nine of their sheep into the house, resulting in a great deal of muck and waste. Here is a brief video of the sheep inside, where they seem a tad out of place.

Edwards heard a noise, and when she looked around, she discovered what Rocky had done. He had led the sheep through a gate that had been left open and proceeded to guide them into the house. Though the dog clearly needs more training, it’s hard not to be impressed by his herding skills. It seems he is a natural, but his future training will need to focus more on where to herd the sheep than how to do so.

Karen B. London, PhD, is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Certified Professional Dog Trainer who specializes in working with dogs with serious behavioral problems, including aggression. She has authored five books on canine training and behavior.