Hero Dog Ends Up Homeless

Brave pup is overlooked despite his past.
By JoAnna Lou, September 2015
Back in 2012, Kiko was featured all over the news for saving his owner during a home invasion. When a man dressed as a UPS delivery driver tried to break into Kiko's former home in Staten Island, New York, he rushed in to protect his owner and ended up taking a bullet to the head. Miraculously, the bullet ricocheted off of his skull and the 11-year old dog made a full recovery. All was well until two years later when his owner came upon financial difficulty and was forced to move to a location where dogs weren't allowed.

Thankfully, Mighty Mutts, a New York no-kill rescue organization, placed Kiko in one of their foster homes. From the beginning they noticed that Kiko seemed very confused, which isn't unusual for an animal in his position, but they soon discovered the real reason--Kiko was completely deaf. They're not sure if he was always deaf or if the condition was a result of the bullet, but it doesn't make him any less lovable.

However, it's been almost a year and a half since Kiko came into Might Mutts' care and he's still looking for his forever home. Because of his age, laid back personality, and deafness, he is usually overlooked at adoption drives. But cuddly pup remains is a volunteer favorite. Now 14-years old, Kiko is looking for a quiet home without other pets or children. A one-story house would be ideal because stairs are not easy at his age.

Kiko's story is a sad one, but he's lucky to have crossed paths with Mighty Mutts. It's also a reminder of a few challenges in the dog world, such as the difficulty of finding affordable pet friendly housing and how hard it is to find forever homes for older dogs. I hope that Kiko finds his perfect home soon!

JoAnna Lou is a New York City-based researcher, writer and agility enthusiast.

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