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Holiday DIY for Dog Lovers

By The Bark Editors, December 2017, Updated June 2021

If you are looking for a fun do-it-yourself project this holiday season — to create something for a special dog buddy or to offer a creative activity to young guests … we have some great suggestions. The following projects can be as easy as you like and require common tools and materials, all produce delightful results. There’s nothing like a handcrafted gift!

Paper Mache Dogs
Paper mache sculptures are a favorite childhood craft project, and this one can be fun for the whole family or as an activity to occupy young holiday guests. The materials are common to every household (except perhaps the poster paint). 



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Fashionable Collarettes
Up-cycle old shirts with collars into darling collars for your pups. These are perfect for holiday gatherings around the house when you want your pack to wear some special duds …


Silhouette Portraits
This time-honored tradition of portraiture allows you to capture the likeness of your dog no matter your artistic skill level. Frame, print or applique the resulting silhouette for a personalized gift.


Dog-Themed Bangle
A great project for all ages, this colorful decoupaged bracelet is one-of-a-kind wearable art. Up-cycle paper images of dogs from catalogues, wrapping paper, stamps, comics … even your old copies of The Bark!


Make a Tug Toy
For dogs who like to play “tug”—try your hand at making this pull toy that cleverly utilizes gloves, fabric and needle & thread.


Folding Feeding Stand
Here’s a project for those of you handy with a saw and drill—this elevated feeding stand requires moderate carpentry skills. It’s also a great project for a parent and child to work on together to construct something special.


Tasty Dog Treats
Homemade edibles make a delicious gift for our special canine friends—and there’s few things more rewarding than the smell of baked goods filling your kitchen. Get creative with the wrapping and voilà …