Holiday Shopping List for Dogs & Dog Lovers

By Small Pet Select, December 2019

Our friends at the online retailer Small Pet Select know dogs better than most and also the products they like and make life better for them and their people. We asked them to put together a shopping list of their favorite and most popular items. Also check out their gift selections for other small animals, from rabbits, gerbils to chickens and cats.

Oopsies happen … clean 'em up safely and effectively. We’ve used Fizzion for years in our own multiple dog homes, and it's hands down the best for stains and odors. Hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, doesn’t matter—this is the stuff that will take care of it. No lingering fragrance, no worries about toxins on your dog’s paws.


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Want to feed raw without worrying about balancing nutrition, or touching raw meat, or any of the mess? This is the answer. We’ve used raw dehydrated food from NRG with our own packs now for years, with dogs large and small, and we love it. Even if you do make your own raw diet, this is terrific for travelling, or those days when you forget to defrost (it happens, we know it does!). Just add water and you end up with terrific raw food, clean ingredients, and happy healthy pups. Available in salmon, chicken and beef formulas.

Antler Toy
Even Vixen is jealous of this antler! Great for medium to large dogs who like the mouth-feel of a bit of give but need something firm. The leather is a favorite texture for toys, and this toy made by Tall Tails uses felt between the leather layers to get just the right toughness level. When your dog needs more than a fluffy squeaky cat toy, these are the best choice out there.

Glacier Peak
We would never be without Glacier Peak in our supplies cupboard. For aches, stiffness, scratches, and daily supplementation this line takes care of so many of dog’s needs, and does so safely, effectively, and without side effects. Glacier Peak Inflapotion alone has helped not only hundreds of customer’s dogs, but our own as well … taking away the stiffness and aches of old age, and greatly improving daily quality of life.

Collars and leashes
We chose our collars and leashes super carefully—only the best quality, most comfortable, long lasting for our dogs and yours. We’ve had one Earthdog collar and leash set in constant use now for 15 years, and one Found My Animal collar and leash set is still going strong after 10 years. We carry leashes that feel good in your hand, collars that are comfy for your pup. Clips and buckles are failsafe, and everything is washable because mud happens. Get the best, and you’ll love it for years and years.

Himalayan Chews
Get rid of those dangerous rawhides and give your pup Himalayan Dog Chews instead! Yummy chews made from yak cheese are good for hours of licking, gentle to mid level chewing, tossing, and fetching. These are great rewards after a good training session, or a nice chewy while settling in for some binge watching.

Small Pet Select started back in 2012 and is as a small family owned company.