How I Found My Dog: Maja Kazazic and Rosie

By The Bark Editors, March 2018, Updated June 2021
Maja Kazazic and Rosie

Maja Kazazic and Rosie

When she was 16, Maja Kazazic survived a grenade attack that killed her friends as they sat together in a courtyard in their Bosnian hometown. Doctors were able to save her life, but not her leg, and over the years, Kazazic endured countless surgeries and several types of prostheses. In 2016, living in Florida and suffering from PTSD, she looked for what she calls a “natural solution” to her ongoing panic attacks and night terrors. That solution turned out to be Rosie, a young rescue Great Dane; like Kazazic, the big dog had lost a leg and was adapting to life with a prosthesis. She learned about Rosie at the Hanger Clinic in Sarasota, which was working with both of them, and adopted her soon after. Now, she and Rosie inspire others to realize that obstacles can be overcome. As she says, Rosie “provides the comfort and peace I thought I lost forever. I regained my ability to live a ‘normal’ life. I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Good News: Rosie has been recently nominated for American Humane Dog Hero Award! You can help her win by voting here before April 25th. Go Rosie!

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 93: Spring 2018