How to Protect Your Pet From Extreme Temperatures

Are you prepared for that summer road trip you’ve planned with your canine travel companion?
By Peter Smith, February 2020

Veterinarian experts say all it takes is just a few minutes for a dog to suffer the effects of heat stroke or even perish in an overheated vehicle. Shocking right?

Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat; they cool themselves primarily through panting. But, when they are left inside a parked car which is capable of reaching 100°F in just 10 minutes—even in the shade—just panting can’t help your dog to escape the heat. Is there a reliable solution to this life-threatening problem? The short answer is, yes, and it’s easier than you think. Thousands of pet parents are already dealing with this the smart way.

24/7 Pet Temperature Monitoring

Pet Monitor 4G Lite from Nimble offers in peace of mind for more than 10,000 traveling pet parents by addressing their dog’s protection against temperature-related threats. It alerts you real-time when the temperature of your dog’s environment becomes unsafe. How does it work?


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The companion mobile app, Nimble Pet App, allows you to manage your Pet Monitor 4G Lite from anywhere with your mobile devices. In addition to temperature and humidity alerts, it also alerts you when the power goes off in your RV, if your Pet Monitor 4G Lite is out of coverage or has low battery power. But there’s more.

Pet Monitor 4G Lite works off of the country’s largest cellular network Verizon so you don’t have to worry about signal loss. When you have to leave your pet momentarily in your RV/car, just enjoy your time away without having to worry about their safety.

If you still wonder if monitoring your pet’s environment temperature is a big deal and think your dog can manage it all by himself, take a moment to see what those experienced pet parents, frequent RVers, and pet professionals say and how traveling with their pets has become a breeze.

There is no better gift for our canine companions than offering them the best protection they deserve. After all, they are part of the family.

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