Howl - Contents

Here’s the Beef
[Bonnie Thomas Abbott]

How to Tell the Difference Between Your Mother and Your Dog
[Henry Alford]

Two Pooch or Not to Pooch?
[Jon Bowen]

I Done Them Wrong: How I Wrecked My Daughter’s Self-Esteem and Dog’s Sex Life
[Cathy Crimmins]

The Dog Mumbler
[Merrrill Markoe]

How to Change Your Adopted Dog’s Name to the Name You Want in under Six Months
[Brian Frazer]

All the Bags and Dante and Me
[Pam Houston]

How You Can Help Your Dog Enjoy a Visit to the Vet
[Michael Rosen and Mark Svede]

Better Than You
[Jon Glaser]

[Haven Kimmel]

Dog of the Day
[Laurie Notaro]

Home on the Mange
[Neal Pollack]

Dog Whores
[Margaret Cho]

A Catwoman in Dogland
[Kathe Koja]

[Al Franken]

A Second Act
[Alice Elliott Dark]

Litter Mate
[Marga Gomez]

Dog Mad
[Lee Harrington]

Confessions of an Amateur Pick-Up Artist
[David Malley]

Pillow Talk
[Gregory Edmont]

The Seven-Month Itch
[Nancy Cohen]

Play Dead, My Darling
[Jeff Ward]

Where the Dogs Are
[Dan Zevin]

A Plea for Canine Acceptance
[Phil Austin]

The Good Place: A play in one act
[Roy Blount Jr.]

This Dog’s Life
[J.P. Lacrampe]

Why I Write About Dogs
[Susan Conant]

What My Dog Has Eaten Lately
[Bonnie Jo Campbell]

Canine Films Currently in Production
[Brian Frazer]

Strange Bedfellows
[Kinky Friedman]

Doggy Love
[Scott Bradfield]

How to Raise and Train Your Mini-Berger-With-Cheese-Doodle
[Georgia Getz]

Something Extremely Important
[Merrill Markoe]

13 Questions
[Susan Miller]

My Fifteen Minutes
[Melissa Holbrook Pierson]

Joni Mitchell Never Lies
[Marc Spitz]

Carolina’s in Heat and I’m Not
[Abigail Thomas]

Bone Alone
[Rob McKenzie]

Part Pooch, or: More Than an Act
[David Smilow]

Do You Take This Norwegian Elkhound?
[Alysia Gray Painter]

Becky Has Two Daddies
[Robert Masello]

Can We Interest You in a Piece of Cheese
[Alison Pace]

A Gentleman’s Ideal Companion
[Dave Barry]

Excerpts from Great Books in the Canine Canon
[Francis Heaney]

One Step Out of the Dog House
[Frank Gannon]

[Thomas Cooney]

[Neva Chonin]

Let the Heeling Begin
[Bill Scheft]

Recently Retired Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Warns His New Puppy Against “Irrational Exuberance.”
[Michael Ward]

Kill Jerry: Vol 1 and Vol 2
[Anthony Head]

THE DINNER PARTY: A screen treatment
[Erica Schoenberger and Melissa Webb Wright]

She Who Must Be Obeyed
[Tom Gliatto]

Our Twelfth Labor
[Ben Brashares]

Pyr Pressure
[Franz Lidz]

Tool: Retractable Dog Leash $10.95–$39.95
[Jeff Steinbrink]

A Dog for All Seasons
[Patrick F. McManus]

Canine Einstein?
[John Warner]

Seven Protective Popeyes
[George Singleton]

Pet Quality
[Andi Zeisler]

No Wonder They Call Me a Bitch
[Ann Hodgman]

Leave Some for Me, Fido
[Rebecca Rose Jacobs]

Dog Is My Co-Dependent
[Meghan Daum]


[Dan Liebert]

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