Look who’s performing not-so-random acts of kindness. Warm fuzzy feelings included.

He slept outside the shelter because he had hope
Rescuers remove dogs from puppy mill and dog meat farm
Photo by from Pexels
Website offers new way to connect dogs and adopters
University classes for fitness walking with dogs
rescue dog
A glimpse of the reality in our rural shelters
Drugs for Shelter Dogs
NYC shelters to medicate all incoming strays
A faked death, jail time, contempt of court
Shelter Dog Adoption Campaign
Campaign implores “Get a dog who gets you. Adopt adult.”
Courtesy of Wallis Annenberg PetSpace
A trendsetter not just in the humane movement, but also in our understanding of this long-standing canine partnership.
saving spanish greyhounds
Rescue groups offer hope for used and abused “disposable dogs.”
A vet’s-eye view of the new-puppy appointment
Volunteer First-Responders To the Rescue
Positive drug tests hit the sport of dogsledding