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Look who’s performing not-so-random acts of kindness. Warm fuzzy feelings included.

Serving food for dogs and comfort for owners.
Clockwise: PJ Hightower offers stray dogs positive human contact; goodwill ambassador Sonny; dogs in the urban wild; Cristina Garmendia and her adopted companion Lady Dulcinea.
Rescuing neglected dogs from neglected streets
A report from the inside
That doggie in the window, 21st-century version.
Mall Adoptions: Shelters expand into retail locations
Add your voice to the calls for more humane care
New jobs tap into their many talents
Working on behalf of street dogs
The many sides of temperament testing
An "ah-ha" moment led baseball manager Tony La Russa to establish the Animal Rescue Foundation
Q&A with HeARTs Speak founder, Lisa Prince Fishler