Humble Shelter Funded Online

A nine year old boy starts a rescue organization in the Philippines
By JoAnna Lou, May 2014
Only nine years old, Ken has wanted to start an animal shelter for as long as he can remember to help the many stray dogs and cats in the Philippines. Ken talked about his dream so much that he was really starting to get on his dad's nerves. His father told him that only grown ups could raise enough money and that it would take 20 years to do so. Boy did Ken prove his dad wrong!

Ken started feeding the stray animals around his home and in February, pictures of his humble efforts were passed around on the internet. Soon donations started pouring in from all over the world. Ken used the funds to build a temporary shelter in his family's garage, purchase kibble, and pay for veterinary care. He named the makeshift shelter The Happy Animals Club. Two months later the three dogs he took in, Blackie, Brownie, and White Puppy, are healthy and learning to trust people. They will be up for adoption soon.

Now the Happy Animals Club will be able to help every more dogs and cats. Earlier this month, Ken used donations totaling 66,000 pesos ($1,500) to lease a 10,000 square foot lot for one year. 

Now that a larger space has been secured, Ken's has set two goals for The Happy Animals Club. The main focus will be to rescue dogs from the city pound and to increase adoption rates. A local official recently said that most dogs there are euthanized because only 20-30 percent of the animals are claimed most people in the Philippines want pure bred pups.

Ken sounds like a mature and ambitious nine year old. I have no doubt that there are big things in store for Ken and can't wait to see the future of The Happy Animals Club develop!