Important Vitamins and Minerals for Your Dog

By The Bark Editors, September 2011, Updated February 2015

Adapted from Allegretti and Sommers, Fougère, and Ackerman

Vitamin ACarrots, spinach, liver, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, fish oil, eggs, turnip greens
Vitamin DMarine fish oil, fatty fish, egg yolks, dairy products, liver, beef, cottage cheese
Vitamin EPlant oils, leafy green vegetables, seeds, wheat germ, bran, whole grains, liver
Vitamin KLiver, leafy green vegetables, milk, cabbage, fish
Vitamin CFruits, vegetables, organ meats
Vitamin BWhole grains, nutritional or brewers yeast, liver, beans, green vegetables, spirulina, nuts, dairy products


CalciumMilk, yogurt, tofu, sardines with bones, raw bones, bok choy, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower
PhosphorousAll animal tissues, eggs, fish, milk
MagnesiumSpinach, broccoli, green beans, tofu, tomato juice, beans, whole grains, seafood
Sodium and
Fruits, vegetables, milk, grain


ZincSpinach, broccoli, yogurt, beef, poultry, whole grains, vegetables
SulfurAll protein foods (meats, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes and milk)
IronRed meats, fish, poultry, shellfish, eggs, legumes
IodineIodized salt, seafood, dairy products, kelp
SeleniumSeafood, meat, whole grains, brown rice, vegetables
CooperSeafood, nuts, whole grains, seeds, legumes
ManganeseNuts, whole grains, leafy vegetables
ChromiumLean meat, vegetable oils, brewers yeast
CobaltLiver, kidney, fruit, vegetables
FluorineAvailable in water
MolybdenumLegumes, cereals, organ meats
SiliconCereals, vegetables, beans and peas