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Issue 01: Jan 1997

Welcome to our first issue!


This newsletter is a forum and meeting place for park users. Many of you are very familiar with the park but, as we come to it on different days, at different times, most of us have never met nor seen each other. Please use The Bark- to stay in touch and voice your opinions, write articles, letters, submit illustrations, photos—your dog can become the next “Barker." Our first one welcoming you is Jake Wiley, a 5 year-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi and a park habitué.

“CESAR CHAVEZ" PARK? When the name is mentioned. most people are stumped! Berkeley‘s Cesar Chavez Park (formerly “North Waterfront Park") in the Marina‘ is a lovely, 90 acre park on San Francisco Bay. We are fortunate to have its sweeping vistas and beautiful, unspoiled open spaces

FRIENDS OF CESAR CHAVEZ PARK To work at maintaining good relations between all park users, Friends of Cesar Chavez Park was formed. As Cesar Chavez Park is a multi-use park in an urban environment, some attention must be given to keep it open, clean and accessible. The Friends hope to provide a structure to achieve this.

THE "MUTT MITT" PROGRAM Our first effort was to obtain a grant from the City of Berkeley to install “Mutt Mitt" dispensers


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