Issue 03: Fall 1997

Welcome to Bark III. Being still so new, a little introduction is in order. We began as a group of newsletter—deprived dog lovers who like to cavort leash-free at César Chavez Park, the wonderful 90 acre park in Berkeley’s Marina. But like this 16 page, tabloid sized issue, we too have progressed from our first. We owe our success in jumping 8 to 12 and now to 16 pages to you, the readers. Our growth also mirrors our expanded direction in putting out The Bark. Even though we still will be presenting you park policy news and stand behind our Adopt-an-Orphan Poop program, we have broadened our scope to include issues and stories that affect dog lovers everywhere. We might scoop-the-poop locally but we stir it up globally.

Our leadoff article is a Bark exclusive featuring a delightful and insightful interview with Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, our local best-seller list author, who shares his views on love, doggy style. We also have an interview with Weimaranerologist, William Wegman. Along with the continuation of the story with our local writer/vet, Terri McGinnis, we have expanded our columns and reviews. Wc would like to salute one of our newest (and youngest) contributors, Spencer Tang-Smith, who writes about an innovative solution for you intact males. New, as well, is a Bark sports desk, with an interview with a NFL owner/ trainer, as well as our regular features and reviews ... Kibble, art and cartoons ... So sit back, relax and take a walk on the wild side...

Jeffrey Masson, William Wegman, Terri McGinnis, DVM
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