Issue 15: Summer 2001

We are heading into the summer of 2001 in grand style with two special features. One is a review of places to travel with a water-loving dog. As we learn, even Pugs love a day on the beach. We also explore the meaning behind the well-worn phrase “dogs as members of the family.” Through personal insights by authors such as Ann Patchett, Carolyn Heilbrun and Deborah Digges we come away with an expanded sense of the meaning of family. We also talk with Family Studies Professor Gail Melson who helps us to understand just how profound the relationship is and how it has contributed to our very “humanness.” Finally, we start to tackle the more difficult issues that are confronting us today—what are the causes of aggressive behavior? What can good breeding practices do to alleviate this problem? We turn to the expertise of behaviorist Patricia McConnell to begin to sort this out for us. All this, plus dog parks, our summer reading list and tips on organic gardening.



A Family of One’s Own From single life to raising human-canine siblings through empty nesters—dogs have broadened our ideas of family. Essays and articles by Ann Patchett, Deborah Digges, Tom Stienstra, Carolyn Heilbrun with an introduction by Louise Rafkin.

Plus an interview with child psychologist Gail F. Melson, author of Why the Wild Things Are, Animals in the Lives of Children.

Summertime Travel: Into the Water Oceans, lakes, rivers—The Bark jumps in feet first with some favorite wet spots and water activities around the country.

Both Ends of the Leash: Aggression, Is it In The Breeding? Good dogs, bad dogs—a perspective. by Patricia McConnell Ph.D.

Early Warning Systems Seizure and cancer alert dogs at work. by Carmen Thériault

[ Dog Parks ] Comparing Groundcover Materials by Laura Cavaluzzo
[ Activism ] Open Paw: Ian Dunbar’s Shelter Training Program by Paul Klein
[ Gardening ] A Safe and Organic Gardening Primer by Jack Aldridge, D.V.M.
[ Training ] ABC’s of Canine Swimming Safety by Pat Miller
[ Outreach ] At-risk Youth Train Rescue Animals by Heather Bloch
[ Classics ] The Art of James Thurber by Michael J. Rosen
[ Literature ] The Bark Summer Reading List by Bark Editors
[ Humor ] All-Star Canine Team by Jack Connelly

Rex in the City: Part Two Second thoughts on Rex’s adoption. by Lee Forgotson

Photograph: Seth Affoumado
Illustration: Katherine Dunn Nellie Mae