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Issue 16: Fall 2001

This afternoon I was distracted by the activity of a hyperactive squirrel burying a nut in my tomato patch. The dogs were fast asleep in the office, oblivious to the squirrel’s industry. But the hubbub in the garden reminded me of autumn’s approach. I grew up in Buffalo, so fall was my favorite season—cool enough to erase summer’s lethargy and warm enough to elude snow (there is no spring along Lake Erie). It is the season known for intense activity—starting off new school years, harvesting crops, electoral campaigning—publishing issue No. 16 of The Bark!

We also welcome a new contributing editor, Jon Katz, media critic, author and now a dyed-in-the-wool Border Collie devotee. He’ll tell how his dog Homer put him on the right track. Also in our pages, Louise Rafkin drills us in the latest dance craze sweeping the nation. We look at a sexy new ad campaign that is sure to rock L.A. And we talk to journalist Julia Szabo about her new book and pick up design tips for making our homes that much more enjoyable for our dogs.

The Anti-Social Dog She prefers the bookstore to the dog-park.
Navaho: The Story of a Rescued Animal A hurt dog becomes a healer.
Bearing Witness is Divine: Lessons from Navajo
Rex in the City: Will a weekend getaway be the end—or a new beginning?
Homer’s Odyssey Dog, sheep and herder—that would be me—flying in different directions
Dances with Dogs A realm of human-dog activity that verges on the unbelievable.

Design Tips for Living with Dogs
Renting with Dogs
Fall Getaways


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