Issue 17: Winter 2001

The Bark’s new winter issue is a must read—Search and Rescue in the aftermath of 9/11, noted author Donald McCaig’s natural history of dogs, touching stories by esteemed author Alistair MacLeod, ex-New Yorker staffers Maeve Brennan and Brenda Peterson, and a glowing cover by artist Lauri Luck. This standout issue also features new essays by author/media critic Jon Katz, humorist Cynthia Heimel and NPR host Daniel Pinkwater, holistic health remedies, doggie paint-by-numbers and—as a special treat—free colorful Holiday postcards and gift tags designed by our award-winning illustrators. The set of 6 cards were commissioned exclusively for The Bark and are instant collectibles.


Dogs and Us Donald McCaig tackles the history of our evolving relationship—from working dogs to the show ring.
Alpha Schmalpha? Rolling over the myths of dominance hierarchies. by Patricia McConnell, Ph. D.
Search and Rescue at Ground Zero Dogs learning new signals, inspiring many. by Heather Houlahan
Postcards from Home Reflections on the 9/11 aftermath: New York by Elizabeth Hess; Washington by Kathleen Phalen
Dogs of Ancient Rome A tour of the British Museum’s canine sculptures and mosaics. by Susie Green

[Holistic Health] Herbs and Ear Problems Nature’s soothing herbal remedies. by Randy Kidd, D.V.M.
[Products] From halters to harnesses—choosing “training” collars. The pros and cons in selecting a collar that’s right for your dog. by Denise Herman
[Research] Treating Canine Hypothyroidism New developments in this most common hormonal disorder. by Barry Kipperman, D.V.M.
[Exhibits] Paint By Numbers From kitsch to classic—the How-To craze and its most popular subject. by Alice Jurow
[Legal Matters] Vet Malpractice Complaints Precautions and recourse regarding healthcare damages. by Matt Krasnowski
[Safety] Holistic First-Aid Kits Are you prepared for an emergency? Is your dog? by CJ Puotinen

The Children Are Quiet When They Are Away Maeve Brennan’s New Yorker story about the longings of her beloved dog Bluebell.
Winter Dog Award-winning Canadian author Alistair MacLeod’s harrowing story about boyhood lessons learned on the ice.
Rex in the City Rex shows his true color in the days following the WTC tragedy. by Lee Forgotson
Tom and Penny Senior citizen, senior dog—comforting each other in their golden years. by Jon Katz
Domestic Happiness with Dogs Adventures in the wilds of New York with a young Siberian husky. by Brenda Peterson

Bobby, My Brother
A preview from Daniel Pinkwater’s new book, Uncle Boris in the Yukon.
Fostering for the Dogoholic Taking in dogs and preparing them for a new life. by Cynthia Heimel

From This Issue

• DOGS AND US - A history of our evolving relationship