Issue 18: Spring 2002

The Bark’s new Spring issue features an exclusive look at the Dogs of Tolkien; a cook’s tour of Paris with your dog; a survey of The New Yorker dog cartoons; new canine stories by Connie May Fowler and Jon Katz; Pulitzer prize-winner Maxine Kumin; plus holistic vet and behavior—free colorful spring postcards designed exclusively for The Bark. Plus hilarious and insightful commentary, book reviews and much more. Full color, 96 pages + cover.


Tolkien’s Dog The creator of hobbits, elves and dwarfs pulls a pup or two out of his wizard’s hat. Tolkien scholars take us on a tour of Middle-earth and beyond. By Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull.
An American Dog in Paris When a restaurant critic takes on a new partner—a sickly little stray named Lauren—her life forever changes. This is the story of how they explored Paris, dining at favorite haunts and shared the wonders of that luminous city together. By Kay Pfaltz
Talk of Toon Town New Yorker cartoons reflect our changing society—humor is a barbed sword. Cartoonists from James Thurber to Edward Booth have long embraced canine toon life. Dogs first obeyed, then thought, now talk and walk upright, expressing very human-like behavior. By Cameron Woo and Anne Alden
Holistic Dog The Last Chance Dog—straight from a veterinarian’s case book, the amazing story of how acupuncture and alternative medicine stemmed a dog’s epileptic seizures. By Donna Kelleher, D.V.M.

[Dog Parks]
New York’s Finest Opens Launching the first fenceless dog run in Manhattan. by Lee Forgotson
Springtime Jaunts
From vineyards to lakeside walks—we visit Anderson Valley, CA and Chicago.
Rally Obedience Competition: Emphasizing fun and excitement for you and your dog. by Pat Miller
Shing Ling: Cancer detector. A Poodle learns to sniff out cancer. by Heather Bloch
Affordable Innovations: A noted expert picks some ingenious products by Nancy Kerns
Fromer’s Garden: A garden as grief counselor by Jo Giese

A Dog Year An author looks back in time of perfect harmony with his dogs…a moment before everything began to change. by Jon Katz
Mutts A city dog takes to country life. by Maxine Kumin
When Katie Wakes An eloquent look into the mind of a battered woman and the dog who helped save her. by Connie May Fowler.

April Fred Milton Everyone’s favorite Poodle poet welcomes Spring. by Lynda Barry
Toward a Dog-Based Economy Musings on the changing economy. by Ian Shoales

New Orleans’ Barkus Parade A photo essay by Vanessa S. Brown
Pinole Camera Color photographs by Joe Patton Barr

Image Credits: Greg Clarke (top) Vanessa S. Brown (bottom)

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