Issue 21: Winter 2002

Bark's current issue (our largest with 104 pages) features cover art by Lucian Freud, who has been called, "the greatest living realist painter". The cover painting marks its U.S. debut! A profile of the reclusive artist and his passion for dogs is included as a special feature. Also in this issue are articles on truffle hunting hounds; news from cancer researchers; fido flea market treasures; hearing assistant dogs and canine blood banks. All that plus RV travel; dog behaviorist, Trish McConnell posing the question of "What do dogs really need from us?"; and a special feature on how high-tech is catching up with our dogs.
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Lucian Freud: A profile of a modern master. by Susie Green
Flea Market Fidos An interview with authors and flea market aficionados, Barri Leiner and Marie Moss-with the dish on their canine collectibles. by Alice Jurow
High-Tech Hounds Remote training, satellite homing devices, voice recognition-how the digital age is catching up with canines. by Ellen Bressler and Lisa Wogan.
Opening Doors in Cancer Research The "Navy Protocol" pioneers exciting new discoveries. by Erin Kirk
Truffle Hunting Dogs In the French countryside of Côte d'Or, unearthing the fungus treasures. by Jill Hunting

Both Ends of the Leash: What do dogs need from us? by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.
An exclusive interview of the star of Maid In Manhattan plus a sneak preview of The Dogwalker. by Mark Grasso.
Canine blood banks help save lives. by Susanne Lazanov
A new syndrome called Sundowning may explain a fear of the dark. by Jo Giese
Fun gift ideas for the holidays.
Roving in RVs: Driving back roads in home-style comfort. by Claudia Kawczynska
Hearing assistance dogs link companions to the hearing world. by Heather Bloch

Watch the Animals An evocative short story about a collective change of heart by the award-winning author, Alice Elliott Dark
The Christmas Sweater Rookie decorating missteps. by Dennis Globus
Rex in the City: Part VII The countryside beckons. by Lee Forgotson

We Got Game Players who can bark the bar. by Jeff O'Brien
Looking a Gift Pug in the Mouth What treasures we invite! by Alysia Gray Painter
Titian As Dog: Reflections on a Titian masterpiece
. A letter by John Berger

Image credits:
Titian, Boy with Dogs in Landscape, ca. 1565 Oil painting on canvas, 99.5 x 117 cm (Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Playing cards circa 1950's, Airstream photo: courtesy of Krista Dial.