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Issue 22: Spring 2003

Step right up for Issue 22’s special feature! Ricky Jay, prestidigitator and historian of the arcane, takes us behind the scenes to unveil the secrets of stage dogs from another century. William Wegman and his Weimaraner collaborators perform their wizardry with vintage sideshow banners in a series entitled, “Strange But True.” Kevin House, whose banner art also graces our cover, brings a contemporary and personal interpretation to this provocative genre. We also have an essay by master storyteller Peter Mayle, famous for his Provence-infused books. This delightful work is about the English and their passion for dogs. Jeannette Cooperman brings us an article about how the friendship between an autistic boy and a dog is helping the child to cope. Plus the latest on scootering, haute cuisine, travel and more await you in our Spring ’03 issue.
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William Wegman: Strange But True Wegman and his Weimaraner collaborators explore the weird and wonderful world of sideshows.
Ricky Jay: Canine Performers The master of “deception” and historian of the arcane, reveals the history of celebrated 1800s stage dogs.
Kevin House: Amazing Portraits His painted sideshow banners place dogs on center stage.
A Boy and his Dog Take on Autism An autistic boy’s world expands with help by a new friend. by Jeannette Batz Cooperman

The sport of dog scootering rolls into town. by Anna Peetstok
Boston’s Dog-Friendly History Unleashed by Trisha Blanchet
New studies show that dogs’ interpretive skills are in their genes. by Chris McNamara
Alternative remedies for lower bowel problems—an increasingly common ailment. by Donna Kelleher, D.V.M.
Early socialization is the key to raising a good companion. by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.
[Gimme Shelter]
A visit to the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition—a genial neighborhood gathering place. by Elizabeth Hess & Anne Watkins
[Book Reviews]
Dominion by Matthew Scully
The Man Who Talks to Dogs by Melinda Roth
Aggression in Dogs by Brenda Aloff

The Englishman and His Dog The legendary love of the English for their dogs. by Peter Mayle
The Work Three travelers come together to succor a Mexican street dog. by Zachary Sklar.
Rex in the City: Part VII The countryside beckons. by Lee Forgotson

Lynda Barry, Word Hounds: the origin of canine turns of phrases, The Art of Vintage Ties, Artful Products, an Ode to Gardening and The Peace Dog.

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Kevin House
Jennifer Silverberg
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