Issue 23: Summer 2003

Get ready for a summertime’s worth of fun and entertainment with Issue 23. Be sure to read up on preparedness tips before venturing onto backcountry trails, and learn about detector dogs who are helping in wildlife conservation efforts and tracking dogs who help find lost dogs. From the scientific front, a look at a remarkable 40-year-long project that is studying canid domestication with a rare photo of the fox pups (looking like miniature Border Collies). Need help when choosing a holistic caregiver? Read our expert’s advice first. Itching for a new hobby? Check out collecting vintage dog tags. Is Hollywood really taking on the cosmetics industry? See our interview with the screenwriter of “Legally Blonde 2.” Plus amazing photographs of an acrobatic terrier by filmmaker Rolf Belgum and a sneak preview of the new Bark book—an excerpt by Susan Straight!
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A New Leash on Life Prison programs that train assistance pups are proving to be a savior for inmates and dogs. by Fern Glazer
The Wild Condition A filmmaker Rolf Belgum documents the lust for life exhibited by his dog, Jacques.
Unleashed in the Backcountry Tips for sharing trail adventures with your dog this summer. by Justin Shipman
Scent of the Wild Training a detector dog to help with wildlife conservation work leads author to reflect on a lot more. by Paula MacKay


Antique dog tags are the newest canine collectible! by Diane Bandy
Expert guidance in deciding on alternative caregivers. by Katherine A. Kahn, D.V.M.
Michigan’s dog-friendly Mackinac Island. by Trisha Blanchet
A landmark study of Siberian foxes looks at canid domestication. by Chris McNamara
Bad and good behavior can be passed on. by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.
A campaign to end the cruel practice of chaining dogs. by Deborah Dobson
[Book Reviews]
The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst
What the Animals Tell Us by Sonya Fitzpatrick
Click for Joy! by Melissa Alexander

Brave and Noble Is the Preschool Dog A tale of first friendships. by Susan Straight
Finding Lily A tracking dog helps in search for lost dog. by Rita Sands
Rex in the City Unexpected guests walk into steamy scene. by Lee Forgotson.

Singing dogs, sculptural dogs and comic dogs!

Image credits:
Thorina Rose
Rob Casey
Andrew Ku