Issue 26: Spring 2004

Our newest issue, Spring #26, is just bursting with tantalizing articles. Ann Patchett, author of Bel Canto, interviews the divine diva, Renée Fleming about two of her favorite things, opera and dogs! Our renowned behaviorist, Trisha McConnell explores the similarities and differences between dogs and wolves. We look at the importance dogs can have to the health and well-being of senior citizens; and provide an overview about advances in companion animal law. Reviving a much-cherished craft, we profile the work of Tim Racer, an artist carving true-to-life dog carousel figures. Bark peers into the mind of 18th-century French scientist Comte de Buffon and his pioneering theories on dogs. We examine the world of animal communicators; travel takes us to an idyllic island in Puget Sound; research news about how different breeds “see.” All that plus an in-depth investigation into canine behavior assessments. Do they work? Why is this testing so controversial? And as always, another installment of Rex in the City!
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Renée Fleming At home with the world-renowned diva, her children and their dog. Profile by Ann Patchett
Carousel Dogs Carving lifelike carousel dogs shows off artist Tim Racer’s well-honed talents. by Evelyn C. White
Dog Is in the Details An examination of the methods used for behavioral assessment—the question is “Does it work?” by Barbara Robertson
Animal Communication Exploring the world of dog thought. by Lee Harrington
Buffon Theories about the natural world from an eighteenth-century thinker echo to this day. by Claudia Kawczynska

[Animal Law]
Legal opinions have changed considerably and the field is attracting increased interest by Rebecca M. Wallick, JD
Providing assistance and companionship in our senior years. by Eileen Mitchell
Adventures on the Pacific Northwest’s Whidbey Island. by Lisa Wogan
New findings—do different breeds “see” differently? by Jonica Newby, DVM
Just how close are wolves and dogs? by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.
Canine Cuisine: Cooking lesson from a PBS chef. by Jeanette Hurt
Artist Portfolio: Leslie Enders Lee by Roxana Robinson
[Book Reviews]
The Philosopher’s Dog by Raimond Gaita
Positive Perspectives by Pat Miller
Flawed Dogs by Berkeley Breathed
Straydog by Clay Morgan

Someone to Run With An excerpt from a remarkable new book by Israeli author David Grossman
Perfect Dog, Please Call Me The time is ripe for taking the plunge. by Mark Morford
Sleeping with Dogs What to do about a reluctant partner. by Dana Standish
Rex in the City Testing the territorial imperative, human and dog style. by Lee Forgotson

Teacher’s Pet creator Gary Baseman
Mad Cow update
Legislation Allowing Dogs in Restaurants
Smiling Dog submissions

Image credits:
Nikki (Mark Compton)
Le Chien de Siberie (Jacques Eustache de Sève)
Wolf (Dugald Stermer)

From This Issue

• Buffon - The Science and Art of Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon
• Dog Is in the Details - The many sides of temperament testing