Issue 28: Fall 2004

Today’s doghouse is our house, just ask anyone who shares digs with a beloved canine. Whether it’s “metro”—William Wegman’s new line of fabric or “retro”—antique bronze fixtures, style and durability are the buzz words this season. Bark’s special “habitat” issue has the pick of the litter with a collection of tiles, rugs, mosaics and flooring. Enter chez Monet, Renoir, Cassatt and feast your eyes on the inspired dog paintings of these impressionist masters. Spin fur into gold (or a sweater!), ride off into the sunset at a dog-friendly dude ranch, and sleep in the world’s largest Beagle! Meet the dog who saved Canada… Plus, we pose the question: Are you doing right by your dog? Discover the answer and much more in the Fall issue of Bark.
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Habitat An engaging assortment of decorous dogs are popping up all over the home—on textiles, antique hardware, stylish wallcoverings, hooked rugs, tiles and mosaics!
Tom McNulty Interview The author of Clean Like a Man, shares his joy of living the spotless life.
Impressionism La vie domestique—how dogs dwell in many of our favorite paintings. By James H. Rubin
Fala FDR’s dog captured the hearts of Americans and symbolized the move from backyards to homes. By Mark Derr

You Are Getting Sleepy Finding comfort zones in unlikely places. By Julia Szabo
Dog Talk Rounding off the family with a third dog. By Abigail Thomas
Her Heart’s in the Highlands Preparing the home for a senior companion. By Lucille Lovestedt
Treat Me Like a Dog, Please Living the dog’s life has its advantages. By Deborah Shouse
Rex in the City Just don’t call it puppy love—Rex finds a girlfriend! By E.M. Harrington

Dudes and dog days at Flying U Ranch. By Rebecca Wallick
Swerve, brake or close your eyes? Being aware of freeway mishaps might help to us avoid them. By Rayne Wolfe
Do you know when you are doing right by your dog? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Rescue Profile]
Reporter Pam Constable gathers strays in Kabul and other unlikely places. Interview by Gina Spadafori
Recycling dogs’ fur into beautiful, handcrafted items. By Clare Innes
Seizure alert dogs protecting children with epilepsy. By E.J. Mundell

Poetry by Mark Doty and humor by Alysia Gray Painter

Image credits:
© William Wegman (Crypton Fabric)
© CORBIS (Fala)
Photographer unknown (Wilkinson family, owners of Flying U Ranch, 1940s)
Painting credit:
Pierre Bonnard
Woman with Dog, 1922
oil on canvas, 69.2 x 39 cm
The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.

From This Issue

• How to Clean Like a Man - Tom McNulty, the author of "Clean Like a Man," shares the joy of living the spotless life
• Dude Ranch - Dog days at Canada’s Flying U