Issue 29: Winter 2004

Our Winter 2004 issue is Bark’s biggest yet and has a little something for everyone. We introduce two new columns: Gay Salisbury’s series on “Hall of Fame” dogs kicks off with a tale about Owney, the postal service’s mascot, and Greg Edmont’s globetrotting travel feature, “Spotted In …,” debuts with an account of his visit to Morocco. We proudly feature an interview with Temple Grandin, PhD, a leading theoretician in the field of animal science and co-author of a riveting new book, Animals in Translation. A chapter from Pam Houston’s new novel, Sight Hound, delves into the many ways that her real-life Wolfhound, Dante, touched lives. Helen Neafsey writes about a marvelous project—an offshoot of the assistance-dog-training programs active in detention facilities throughout the country—that provides socialization opportunities and “furlough time” for prison pups. And, lastly, a jazz age tale of two talented Poodles who toured the world as stars of an acrobatic troupe named the Six Orellys.
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Animals in Translation A conversation with Temple Grandin on the mysteries of autism and animal behavior, plus an excerpt from her new book. Interview by Claudia Kawczynska
Furlough Puppies Prisoners raise them to be service and assistance dogs, and volunteers introduce them to life outside the prison yard. By Helen Neafsey
Six Orellys Giving new life to the story of a band of touring acrobats and their two talented Poodles who performed on international stages. By Caitlin Rivers

Kill Jerry, Vol. 1 Thrills (and spills) of getting your dog into movies. By Anthony Head
Polly and the Piano Inspiration from a canine muse under the baby grand. By Carol Montparker
The Way of the Pack Life in a South African wildlife sanctuary. By Chris Mercer
Treat Me Like a Dog, Please Living the dog’s life has its advantages. By Deborah Shouse
Rex in the City: XV Searching for Rex’s roots. By E.M. Harrington
Spotted in Morocco Tripping to Marrakech with a dashing Dalmatian. By Gregory Edmont
Empathy What to do when your dog channels your sick-at-home blues. By Robin Dougherty

Geocache with your dog and search out high-tech treasures. By Brandie Erisman
Two women
Recycling old sweaters into one-of-a-kind outerwear. By Trina Moore
You and your dog may share a lot, but you live in different worlds. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
Beading dog collars brings educational promise to Maasai girls. By Lisa Wogan
The importance of oral health. By Erik Eldridge, DVM
[Animal Welfare]
Florida’s hurricane relief efforts highlight first responders’ success. By Ken Marten
A remembrance of renowned photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson . By Ruth Silverman

Cheeky, squeaky pet toys; Boston’s concierge dog; the frozen artistry of ice sculpting; a selection of favorite dog ID products; a profile of Stanley Coren and introducing Tickle My Funny Bone: Bark’s writing contest.

Image credits:
Puppy furlough photo: Helen Neafsey


From This Issue

• Geocaching with Your Dog - Come out, come out, wherever you are!
• Q&A with Temple Grandin - Thinking in pictures provides insight into the world of animals
• Good Deeds with Beads - Hand-beaded dog collars help send Maasai girls to school