Issue 31: Summer 2005

Our special summer issue showcases a stellar cast of writers and artists, whose work will delight and entertain you. We called on Mo Rocca, David Sedaris, Merrill Markoe, Terry Bain and John Dufresne to share their dog-focused humor. We also have a chapter from Bruce Goldstein’s forthcoming memoir about his pup-life conversion, and in installment XVII of “Rex in the City,” Lee Harrington suggests a test that will help you measure your own dog-craziness.

Now that it’s summer, a time when the call of the wild can be heard and nature beckons, we include articles that will help you prepare to have safe and pleasurable experiences when you venture out. We follow in the steps of intrepid wildlife biologist Karsten Heuer, who traversed a 2,200-mile-long spine of the Rocky Mountains with his Border Collie, Webster. And if you ever wondered what your dog’s barking might mean, Dr. Sophia Yin will tell you what she and other “translators” are dialing up.


So why are dogs funny?
Mo Rocca investigates this mystery.
Dog Poems David Sedaris’ rhymes to inspire the versifier in you.
Barbie/Canine Theater A dog with a strange Barbie doll fetish. By John Dufresne
Top Dogs Cartoons Mutts’ creator, Patrick McDonnell explains the history of dogs on the funny pages.
You Are a Dog Ruminations on favorite toys. By Terry Bain
Greeting Disorder On ardent salutations.  By Merrill Markoe
Love Stinks Accidents will happen; cleaning them up can have its rewards. By Bruce Goldstein

Incredible Journey Environmentalist and intrepid trekker discusses his 2,200-mile hike with his canine companion. Interview by Susan Tasaki.
Talk to Me Communication comes in many forms, researchers are probing the meaning behind roosters crowing, squirrelly chatter and canine barking. By Sophia Yin, DVM

A Greyhound Conquers Kilimanjaro Helping an adoptee over a hurdle from his past. By Eileen Mitchell
Leash Lit Fetching some dog-eared classics. By Rob McKenzie
Rex in the City Author is becoming a dog lady. Is a 12-step program in her future? By Lee Harrington
Spotted in Notting Hill: A Dalmatian’s big break in London Town. By Gregory Edmont

[Dog Nation] Seattle’s COLA By Lisa Wogan
[Crafts] Placemats and Bowls: Floor models for the neat pup. By Trina Moore
[Research] Biology of Joy Laughter isn’t just a human trait. By Claudia Kawczynska
[Activity] Canoeing with your best friend beckons. By Andi Marie Cantele
[Holistic] Kindred Spirit, Kindred Care: Understanding the Diagnosis and the Options. By Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya, DVM
[Health] When Knees Go Bad— Options for orthopedic injuries. By Roxanne Hawn

From This Issue

• Dog Paddling - Canoeing with your best friend beckons
• A Man and His Dog Walk the Wild - Q&A with Karsten Heuer
• What Dogs are Saying with their Barks - Research explores animal sounds as a form of communication