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Issue 32: Fall 2005

In Bark’s Fall 2005 issue we explore fresh starts, second chances and the joys of making a difference. We show how dogs are helping wildlife management and ensuring the survival of other spieces. It is our pleasure to present Shelter Dogs—a moving portrait inside a Montana animal shelter by Elizabeth Stone.

Our feature, The Fashionable Pet, documents the surprising history of pet-pampering through the ages. And, we introduce “Unleashed”—a madcap romp into the social milieu of a NYC dog run—the first in a new series by Gregory Edmont.

Plus a invaluable information including: Coping with Loss, Canine Rescue in China, Trail Running, Defusing Dog-On-Dog Aggression by Patricia McConnell and much more.


Coping with Loss How dogs provide a special type of compassion. By Karen B. London, PhD
Dogs in Conservation Helping wildlife management and protection work—to ensure the survival of other species. By Paula MacKay
Shelter Dogs Portraits from inside a Montana animal shelter. Photos by Elizabeth Stone Introduction by Stephanie Shain, HSUS
The Fashionable Pet: Who Dog Be You? A history of pet-pampering through the ages. By Katherine C. Grier

Being in Dog Time Reflections on the enigma of passages. Can we understand it from a dog’s perspective?  By D. L. Pughe
Unleashed A madcap romp into the social milieu of a NYC dog run—the first in a new series. By Gregory Edmont
Hot Dog A little dog with a lot of class—and a parent’s dream.  By Pari Chang
Family Reunion A dog finds his way back to his beginnings. By Monica Collins
Rex in the City: XVIII Getting lathered up.  By Lee Harrington

[Activity] Trail running with your pack By Rebecca Wallick
[Dog Nation] Chicago’s D.A.W.G.  By Heather Gordon
[Art] Two artists recycle everday objects into sculpture. Sculpture by Lisa Kokin and Mary Engel
No-Cook Delights: A Seasonal Pumpkin Soup By Kymythy R. Schultze
[Travel] Casting a spell in Arizona’s Red Rock country. By Edie Jarolim
[Rescue] Dogs from China pick up a new language and new homes. By Chris Cutter
[Behavior] Defusing dog-on-dog leash aggression. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Health] VTS—a canine bone bank providing limb-saving transplants. By Lisa Wogan
[Vet Ed] UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine By Heather Bloch


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