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Issue 33: Winter 2005

Would You Risk Everything For Your Dog? One of the many lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina is the extraordinary bond between humans and their pets. Many people simply would not give them up, while others without a choice would do anything to get them back.

In Bark’s biggest issue ever, you’ll meet James, a blind man first separated, then reunited with his seeing eye dog. Share dogsitter Terry McSweeney’s incredible journey, staying afloat for over 5 hours with his canine charges. Say hello to Bones, Pearl and Spec; Dalmatians that crisscrossed 3 states to find their owners. Let us introduce the brave First Responders who saved countless animals working 24/7. And learn how to be better prepared for the next emergency. Our Winter issue features more than 30 pages of unforgettable, exclusive coverage of Katrina’s aftermath.


In Their Own Voices Stories Stories of courage, perseverance and hope. By Julia Kamysz Lane, Ken Foster, Trixie Levins and Bliss Foster
First Responders Humane efforts and the special people on the front lines. By Mary Alice Thring
Operation Airlift Flying Katrina’s displaced dogs to safety and new homes. By Donna Horowitz
Not Without My Dog Who are those stalwart souls who refused to leave? By Craig Guillot
Plus Mutts A special series of shelter strips by Patrick McConnell, featuring six new cartoons appearing throughout the magazine.

Unleashed A madcap romp into the social milieu of a NYC dog run—the second in a series. By Gregory Edmont
Photobooth Dogs A collection of canine portraits with an introduction by Babbette Hines.
Shepherd’s Watch Meet Greg, a remarkable dog, and the man with whom he tends the flock. By David Kennard
Rex in the City: XIX Out for a ride with a frenetic co-pilot. By Lee Harrington
Santa Delivers Chronicles of a Red-Coat Midwife. By Suzanne Corbett

[News] Dog Flu Alert: Will there be a new epidemic? By Barbara Tunick
[Behavior] The Right Touch: When to nix the heavy petting. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Health] A Canine CAM Primer Looking beyond Western medicine. By Lisa M. Gillespie
[Research] The Medium Is the Message Can your dog decipher your signals? By Sophia Yin, DVM
[Family Life] Kids & Dogs Teaching them to live, play and learn together.  By Ruth Weston and Dr. Catriona Ross
[Books] A Dog’s History of America by Mark Derr, A Shepherd’s Watch by David Kennard, 10 Secrets My Dog Taught Me by Carlo De Vito

Honda’s Dog Car For your favorite co-pilot by


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