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Issue 40: Jan/Feb 2007


The Jan/Feb 07 issue of Bark presents a licking good way to usher in the new year. Start 2007 on the right foot and find out from behavior expert Patricia McConnell what it takes to turn your pup into a well-mannered pooch. Then, go beyond standard obedience training and check out the precision teamwork involved in the sport of Rally-O. Learn to create an adorable replica of your dog with a new DIY craft that is sweeping the country—with only a bit of fluff, “provided” by your own dog, and easy to follow instructions, you can make a whole adorable pack of your own. Check out our smiling dogs, plus new contests, you too can be a winner! Pickings from a natural apothecary from the garden can mean renewed vigor for your dog. And see the ways that vaccination schedules are changing, that plus how technological advances in veterinary medicine are making inroads into treating both human and canine cancers. In Organizations that Matter we profile the Delta Society, which for 30 years has been plumbing the mysteries of the healing power of animals. One of the winningest coaches in basketball, and her star player, tell us about the parallels between the game and life with their canine companions. Could the 18th century British George Stubbs be the greatest dog artist ever? He gets our vote. Plus a new poem by Mary Oliver—all this and so much more, in the current issue of Bark.




Full Court Pooch Two of college basketball’s top performers find parallels between the game and life with their canine companions By Maria M. Cornelius
George Stubbs’ Noble Creations George Stubbs, among the best known of the 18th-century British painters, made his name with animal portraits that revealed the individual dignity of their subjects By Martin Myrone
A Place of Dignity: A new refuge in the nation's capital. Washington Animal Rescue League opens a new, state-of-art shelter for abandoned animals. Story and Photography by Carol Guzy
Paws for the Cure New research bolsters efforts to identify and combat both canine and human cancer. By Scott Nolen

Taking Care of Me Soul support comes on four paws and wearing a wedding veil By Kayt Sukel
Becky Has Two Daddies But which one does she really prefer? By Robert Masello
Pre-Amble A man, a dog, a snowy mountain—deep-winter thoughts as a new year approaches By David Petersen
The Dog Who Came Gift-Wrapped An unexpected gift takes its recipient on a wild emotional ride By Christopher Schelling
Poem Bazougey Poem By Mary Oliver