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Issue 45: Nov/Dec 2007


[Sport] The Joy of Joring All-season dog-powered fun. By Peter Bronski
[Nutrition Perspectives] In Conversation with Marion Nestle & Malden Nesheim.
[Assistance Dogs] Insider Training In-home assistance-dog training programs offer valuable option. By Beth Finke
[Organizations That Matter] A Stellar Breed Nonprofit groups step up for the Houston city animal shelter. By Bliss Foster
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash From free-living dogs to homebodies—what’s been lost, what’s been gained. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[DIY] Crafts Folding feeding stand, crocheted dog bed, felted wool balls, leash bags.
[Health] A Leg to Stand On Pioneering surgical technique offers new hope for dogs and people. By Martha Schindler Connors
[Working Dogs] Crime Fighters Pit Bulls have the right stuff for bomb- and drug-detection work. By Allie Johnson
[Artful Books] Traer Scott’s Street Dogs & Mary Lundington’s The Nature of Dogs
[Masterwork] Emanuel de Witte’s Interior of the Old Church in Delft
[Nifty Products] Deck the hall, the dogs and yourself.
[Science] Notes on Research Dog vs. Bird By Mark Derr
[Training] Accentuate the Positive Research validates positive reinforcement By Pat Miller
[Vet Advice] Do Try This at Home Common canine ailment responds to home care and familiar remedies. By Robert J. Silver, DVM
[Reviews] And Baby Makes Four; A Pack of Good Dog Books for Children; Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog; When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs; Merle’s Door
[Endpiece] The Winter Baby By Suzanne Strempek Shea


Body Talk—Dogs’ special language.
Postal Pups—First-class fun.
Dog-Friendly Carmel—City’s calendar celebrates its canine citizens.
A Perk That Works—Dog parks make a difference in new housing developments.
Progressive Thinking—Riding in cars with dogs is covered.
Dining Dogs—Cities make it legal.