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Issue 57: Nov/Dec 2009


As the year and a decade wind down and seasonal celebrations ramp up, we present a full monty of fun, inspirational and thought-provoking reads. In “Wonder Dogs,” we do a 10-year round up of all the amazing jobs dogs have been schooled to do for us. Perfect for this time of year, we look at the joys of fostering—if you haven’t already, this article might inspire you to invite a canine guest in for the holidays. Then, two of our favorite literary luminaries—Rick Bass and Mary Oliver—make return engagements. Dallas dog-lovers might become the envy of us all, especially during these wintery months—we go inside for a romp at their city’s Unleashed, a new dog park with walls and windows! Be sure to check out our cover dog, Charlie, a stray rescued from Guatemala who might just be the cutest pup ever! See how southern hounds strike a bargain with French cats; how a father, his adopted son and a Dalmatian explore Aspen together; and how to interpret your dog’s antics during play. For a very special, and exclusive treat—you can read this whole issue now in its digital version! Go to our dmag now, be sure to look for the video and try out all the links for an added value reading experience. Enjoy and spread the word!

Wonder Dogs—New jobs for dogs tap into their amazing talents. By Barbara Robertson
Field Work—Conservation dogs follow the scent of the wild. By Ilona Popper
Shared Giving—Animal-loving companies direct charitable dollars. By Rayne Wolfe
The Joy of Fostering—Finding fulfillment, saving lives. By Rikke Jorgensen
Olympic Bound—Snowboarding’s Steve Fisher and skeleton’s Katie Uhlaender

From Pound to Provence—Southern hounds learn village ways. By Judith Reitman
Special Delivery—’Tis the season for giving and happy endings. By Mickey Rathbun
A Greyhound’s Firsts—Photo essay. By Mark Menditto
Dogs of ParisEvocative pièce de résistance. By Rick Bass
PoetryThe Sweetness of Dogs, by Mary Oliver; With Gessa, by John Harris