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Issue 57: Nov/Dec 2009


[Travel] Spotted in Aspen—Adventures on and off the slopes. By Gregory Edmont
[Recipes] Homemade Holidays—Special treats and reusable wrappings.
[Humane] Safety on the Set—American Humane dogs the entertainment industry. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Dog Nation] Indoor Play Park—Unleashed delights Dallas. By Joy Tipping
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—Play watching. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Sights] A Dog’s Castle—Delightful discovery. By Sally Silverman
[Insight] The Art of Training—Building trust is the first step. By Jeannette Cooperman
[Vet Advice] Dry Eye—Diagnosing and dealing with this common canine ailment. By Rebecca Burwell, DVM
[Training] By the Numbers—5 misconceptions about dog training and behavior. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Reviews] Inside of a Dog, A Big Little Life,The Wolf in the Parlor, All My Patients Have Tales 
[New & Noteworthy] Rescue InkCanine Massage in Plain English, Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats, Come Back, Como, Am I Boring My Dog?, Good Dogs Doing Good
[For Young Readers] Diogenes
[Endpiece] All in a Day’s Work—A wee bit of Christmas cheer. By J.F. Pirro

Snowbound—Good cold fun.
Smart Ideas—For your smart phone.
Surviving the Holidays—Mind your Ps & Qs.
Holiday Tool Kit—Handy helpers.
Mascot—Amber and the Navajo Code Talkers.
Tricks of the Trade—Cold-weather walks.
Take Three—Q&A with Temple Grandin.
Nellie McKay—Singer’s newest is normal as blueberry pie.
Take a City Walk—Cards lead the way.
In the Kitchen—Biscuit cookbook kit & an apron with attitude.
Teachable Moment—Three steps to a fab flip finish.
Our Cover Dog—Charlie, mighty cute.
AWARE—Guatemala rescue group.
Kit’s Corner—Editor’s choice for small dogs.
Pinups & Pit Bulls—American classics stand up for Pits.
MC Esoteric’s Dog Rap—Hip-hop artist with a soft heart.
Smiling Dogs—They’re here and they’re happy.