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Issue 72: Nov/Dec 2012


Bark 72: Nov/Dec 2012

Our Winter issue has a lot of good reading in store for you. You will be delighted to see that Patricia McConnell is back to untangle another tricky topic—what it takes to be a therapy dog. Many of us might think our dogs would be perfect nursing-home visitors, but Trisha provides a reality check, telling us just what is expected of dogs who do this work, and why many don’t make the grade. Sheila Pell investigates the amazing procedure that restored cover dog Whiskey’s cancerous jaw; learn how a UC Davis vet team applied innovative biomedical techniques to regenerate his bone. It’s truly an incredible story. Next, beating the drum for fostering, we look at the insights into this worthwhile activity, and its many values to needy dogs and the rescue groups that care for them. When it comes to fostering, every season is the season to volunteer.

Behaviorist Karen London explains the importance of play in training dogs with aggression problems. Barbara Smuts expands on a topic that became dear to our heart when we adopted our fourth dog: Is “pack” living for everyone? Can any group of dogs get along well, or does it take a special personality, age and gender mix—of both dogs and humans—to make it work?

Columnist Julie Hecht goes on a quest to discover how much dogs understand of what we say. Do they really know the differences between words? How do they apply what they hear? Is it content or context? We investigate DNA testing; just what does it actually tell us about our dogs’ breed makeup? And then we profile legislation now pending that has the potential to make pet meds more affordable. We also have travel ideas, tips on how coconut and olive oils can help winterize your dog’s coat, comfy DIY sweaters, gift picks galore, another great Chloe from Lee Harrington, plus a paw-tapping new song. Hope you feast on the ideas in this issue, especially those that inspire you to take action to make even one dog’s life better.

Is your dog a good fit for therapy duty? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
Life with multiple dogs By Barbara Smuts, PhD
DNA tests reveal more genetic secrets By Jane Brackman, PhD
Wonder Dog: Bionic Bone Regeneration By Sheila Pell
Why Foster? Helping to find forever homes for rescue dogs. By Kim Kavin
Chloe Chronicles: Redirecting a chow hound By Lee Harrington




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