Issue 87: Fall 2016

The Bark magazine - Issue 87 - Fall 2016

Fall, a refreshingly cool and vibrant season, is the perfect time to brush up on our dog lessons.

On the home front, we kick off a new series, Human Grade, Human Made, exploring home cooking for our dogs. Knowing that it should be simpler and more accessible than we’re warned it is, we invited the perfect guide to kick off the series. Greg Martinez, DVM and author of Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet, gives us his “starters” guide. From the front lines—i.e., the kitchen—I provide some additional cooking tips and including how best to determine the number of calories we should be feeding our dogs. While this is really much easier than you may think, there still is a lot of information to impart, so we’ll be continuing the discussion online, where you’ll find the app we’ve created to do the more complicated calculations for you. See for more. We also go inside to see how designers are applying their craft to making our homes a lot more welcoming to dogs. Plus, interior decorator Vern Yip, who’s a big-dog aficionado, shares a few field-tested pointers. We also go along on a transcontinental bike trip and see how one co-pilot handled all those miles.

Bestselling author and cognitive researcher Alexandra Horowitz has a new book out, Being a Dog, in which she examines the role scent plays in dogs’ lives. We talk with her about the subject, and get the scoop on just what dogs’ noses know, and how that might also inspire our own sniffing.

Jesse Miller tells us how best to determine what method a trainer adheres to—understanding the lingo is vital. Another language lesson comes from Linda Lombardi, who tells us about the challenges shelters face when trying to assign breeds and breed mixes to their charges, and questions the necessity of doing so. We all know about the horrors dogs contend with in hoarding situations, but not much about how that environment might affect their behavior after they’re rescued. Fortunately, researchers are investigating this subject and developing protocols on how best to address these dogs’ needs, so we asked Jessica Hekman, DVM, to examine recent studies and report back to us.

Resource guarding—one of the negative behaviors that hoarded dogs rarely display—is a fairly common canine issue exhibited by many dogs. Animal behaviorist Karen London shares her insights on how to work with dogs who guard everything from food dishes to toys and sometimes, even their humans.

Our cover dog, the adorable Allie, herself offers both a question and a lesson. How did a small dog survive on the loose in an urban wilderness for so long, and how quickly would she adapt to her new life as a much-loved lap dog? See how she did it.

On the international front, our international humane editor, Twig Mowatt visits Bhutan and brings back a story on the importance of cooperation, and how a small country in a remote part of the world took on the challenge of a nationwide spay-and-neuter campaign in partnership with Humane Society International.

On the lit front, we have a couple of lovely, touching essays and a poetry selection that celebrate the love the authors feel for their dogs. I am especially pleased to publish Abigail Thomas again, and to introduce (or reintroduce) readers to the work of poet Janet McCann and the UK’s Lucie Britsch. Hope you enjoy what this issue has for you, thanks for picking us up.


Bark Talks with Alexandra Horowitz: Leading cognition researcher tells us about her latest book—get ready to sharpen up the sense of smell.

Human Grade, Human Made: Cooking tips and feeding guidelines.By Claudia Kawczynska

Home Cooking: Get started with home-prepared meals, the slow cooker approach. By Greg Martinez, DVM

Bike Adventure: Transcontinental cycling trek. By Jen Sotolongo

Our House/Dog House: Home design inspired by dogs. By Janice Costa

Eternal Mysteries: Loving a special dog.  By Abigail Thomas

Small Country, Big Idea: Spay/neuter project adds to Bhutan’s canine Gross National Happiness. By Twig Mowatt

A Modern Master: The art of William Merritt Chase By Cameron Woo

Endpiece: Losing Blue, Finding Him Too  By Lucie Britsch


HEADS-UP: DIY Checkup - Learn how to do basic at-home physical exams. By Shea Cox, DVM

INNOVATIONS: Knee News - A new device potentially avoids osteotomy and preserves maximum motion. By Jess Elliott

DESIGN: Living with Dogs - Designer tips from a leading expert. By Vern Yip

COGNITION: Memory Crucial for problem solving, prey-hunting, smell recognition and more. By Victoria Stilwell

ENRICHMENT: Scent Stimulation - The way to dogs’ brains is through their noses. By Sheldon Siporin

TRAINING: Truth in Advertising - When shopping for a trainer, look behind the language. By Jesse Miller

SERVICE DOGS: Fighting for Independence - Parents take on school districts that flout the ADA. By Donna Jackel

BEHAVIOR: Resource Guarding - What to do about this pesky behavior. By Karen B. London, PhD

RESEARCH: Helping Dogs Heal - Insights into the behavior of dogs rescued from hoarders. By Jessica Hekman, DVM

HUMANE: What’s in a Name? -  A shelter dog’s fate can rest on his label, and the labels are often wrong. By Linda Lombardi

GALLERY: NY DOGS By Violet Lemay

POEMS: By Connie Hills, Elizabeth Devore, and Janet McCann


Being a Dog; The Secret Language of Dogs; Run, Spot, Run; Just Life; Farm Dogs; Home Alone—and Happy!


Cover Dog—Allie’s incredible journey

Dogs Smell Homecomings

Conservation Lands—dog-welcoming

Dog-friendly Community Living

Glamping—Canine camping in style

What’s New—cool stuff for us and our dogs

Memorials; Vaping dangers; Leather cleaner.

Smiling Dogs—Always irresistible and unforgettable.