Issue 90: Summer 2017

To help you tap into some good vibrations this summer, we chose “Journey” as our issue’s theme, trippin’ in both the metaphorical and the literal sense. To start off, we’ve packed this issue full of reasons for you and your dog to get out and about. We have 51 tips for exploring with your dogs, from “California to the New York Island.” We also give a special nod to Austin for its five-star dog friendliness, as well as to New Mexico’s Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, where guests relax while helping with the socialization of future assistance dogs.

If you’re thinking about wandering overseas, you’ll be inspired by a Belgian photographer work at Thailand’s Headrock Dogs Rescue, where he contributed his talents during a working “volunteer vacation.” For our literature coverage—what would summer be without lots of good reading material?—we travel with author Laura Schenone as she covers the stories and meets the people who started Greyhound rescue in Ireland and beyond. We dip into our archives to bring back Michelle Huneven’s essay, “Lala the Loot,” from our anthology Dog Is My Co-Pilot. Her story, about a charming little dog whose cuteness inspires others to snatch her, has a happy ending, so be prepared to smile. In another entry with a journey theme, Laurie Priest tells us how a kayak vacation to Baja California’s Sea of Cortez netted her a honey of a dog, along with an amazingly complicated return trip with the dog to her home in Massachusetts. Dana Shavin’s essay, “There Is Now Only This,” comes with another twist—how being dogless just doesn’t feel right. Finally, our “Backstory” features a man who traveled into outer space with the support of his pups, whom he considered to be his family.

On the department front, we learn why bite inhibition matters and how it develops; plus pro pointers on starting a rescue; and the history of the R.E.A.D. program, which is now in just about every country, and how it came to be. We look at another reason to consider getting a doggy-pack for our dog; how research into human color blindness was helped by a Poodle aptly named Retina; new treatments for arthritis; and we interview the star and writer of “Downward Dog,” a new TV comedy we hope hits it big. 


+50 Ideas for Fun this Summer: Pondering a getaway this season? Bark editors offer up a tip for every state in the union.

The Dogs of Avalon. Introducing the amazing activists who are fighting to save Greyhounds worldwide. By Laura Schenone

Headrock Dogs Rescue: Photographic essay on international travel with a purpose.

Honey’s Story: A Journey of Many Blessings. A vacation in Mexico opens doors, and hearts, to a stray dog. By Laurie Priest.

Lala the Loot: How a small dog charms many people who want to claim her for their own. By Michelle Huneven

There is Now Only This. Dogs can help shape our lives and give it greater meaning. By Dana Shavin

Of Dogs and Other People: The Art of Roy DeForest This this dog-loving artist’s first full career retrospective. By Cameron Woo


It’s a Dog’s Life

ASSISTANCE DOGS: A trip to Sunrise Springs Spa Resort’s Puppy Enrichment Center.

By K.M. Burke


TRAVEL: Austin is a mighty dog-friendly place.

By Susan Tasaki


RESEARCH: Baby Face The allure of cute dogs.

By Jamie Hale, PhD


TELEVISION: Downward Dog

Interview with lead actress and show writer about their entertaining, must-watch hit program.

By Cameron Woo


RESEARCH: Eye to Eye
How dogs are helping researchers cure color blindness.

By Erica Goss


HEALTH: Pain Management New treatments for canine arthritis are on the horizon.

By Sarah Wooten, DVM



Dog listeners do wonders for a child’s reading skills.

By Ernest L. Abel, PhD


RESCUE: Starting Your Own Dog Rescue: Six Golden Rules
By Carin Ford, CPDT-KA


BEHAVIOR: Bite Inhibition Matters

A soft mouth can be the difference between life and death for dogs.

By Karen B. London, PhD



The Dogs of Avalon: The Race to Save Animals in Peril; The Right Side

Endpiece: A Love Letter By H. Lovelyn Bettison



Guest Editorial: Greyhound Prison Program

In Lieu of Gifts: Wedding gifts for a greater purpose.

Summertime Reading Picks

Dog-Eared: La Rose

Kitchen Tricks: New treat making equipment + recipes.

Smiling Dogs: Readers’ Favorite and Always Irresistible

A Dog Needs a Pack by Heather McKinnon

From This Issue

• The Art of Roy De Forest - This dog-loving artist’s first full career retrospective.
• Baja Stray Finds Herself a Home - A vacation in Mexico opens doors, and hearts, to a stray dog.
• Volunteering at Headrock Dogs Rescue, Thailand - International travel with a humane purpose.
• New Pain Management for Canine Arthritis - New pain treatments for dogs with arthritis are on the horizon.
• DIY Dog Rescue - Six Golden Rules for a Successful Rescue Start-up
• Summertime Reading List 2017 - Recommended Reading
• Dog Behavior: Bite Inhibition Matters - A soft mouth can be the difference between life and death for dogs.
• In Lieu of Gifts: Humane Giving - Celebrate the big day with charity.
• In Between Dogs - Dogs shape our lives, so what do we do when they’re gone?
• Baby Face: The Allure of Cute Dogs - The evolutionary advantage of Kindchenschema for animals.
• Greyhounds Trained at Prison Foster Program - These greyhounds get a ticket home.