Issue 92: Winter 2017

Here we are nearing the end of another year, which is hard to believe. In some ways equally hard to believe, we’re still actively involved in a journey we started 20 years ago: to explore—with a distinct literary voice—the special relationship between people and their dogs. So this issue officially marks our 20th year anniversary. Staying true to our core values of promoting animal rescue, we have a couple features about relocation efforts. The first one, Overground Pet Railroad, tracks one that uses a decked-out school bus to move dogs from southern California up “north” to shelters and to future homes, in Oregon. Then on the international rescue front we get a report from Twig Mowatt about how the organization Galgos del Sol, lead by by the remarkable Tina Solera, is saving Spanish Greyhounds by ferrying them to homes throughout Europe.

Just in time for making winter travel plans, we look at how you can now bring your dog to Hawaii, it takes advance planning, but it can be done and we’ll show you how. Our behaviorist, Karen London offers us 10 tips to improve the happiness quotient for your dog—’tis the season to share the joy. We look at how the amazing organization, Search Dog Foundation, rehabilitates shelter dogs and turns them into invaluable SAR canine partners. Also on the working dog front, we look at how hearing assistance dogs can unlock doors for their people. We look at hypothyroidism and how best to diagnosis and treat it. And we learn how acupuncture can bring relief to anxious dogs.

On the lit front: Mat Zucker tells us about how his city dog has made many cross-species pals out in the country; Jim Minick tells a story of how a very special dog found a unique place in the heart of a family; and Tim Henschel’s short story is about a young boy learning to welcome a new love into his life. We also cover small house living, what is at the heart of Danish hygge, and why in 2018 we will be celebrating the Year of (Earth) Dog.

So with 92 issues of The Bark under our treat belt, and we have you to thank for it. That’s it for now. Happy reading, and hope that we’ll be seeing you next year, and your pals as well.



The Overground Pet Railroad: Transporting shelter animals to safety. By Karin Brulliard

Fiction: Remembering Jackson: A boy slowly welcomes a new dog into his life.  By Tim Henschel

Self-Portraits with Dogs: Masterful selfies with muses. By Cameron Woo

Saving Spanish Greyhounds: Rescue groups offer hope for used and abused “disposable dogs.” By Twig Mowatt

Find It: A dog takes his place deep in the heart of his new family. By Jim Minick

Interspecies Frenemies: A dog and her many cross-species pals. By Mat Zucker

Endpiece: Laika The power of the small. By Joe Elliott



CARE: Needlework Acupuncture can help anxious dogs. By Rachel Barrack, DVM

TOOLS: Pet Tech Making life with dogs (and cats) easier to manage. By Hunter Bowen, DVM

ASSISTANCE DOGS: Two Peas in a Pod A hearing-assistance dog opens many doors for his person. By Carmen Lee

TRAINING: iSpeak Dog New website clues us in to what our dogs are trying to tell us. By Tracy Krulik

TRAVEL: Maui Bow-Wowie Plan ahead to skip Hawaii’s canine quarantine.  By Elissa Van Poznak

HEALTH: Hypothyroidism Is your dog lazy, or is an underactive thyroid to blame? By Sara Greenslit, DVM, CVA

INSIGHTS: Learning Curve How a Husky taught me acceptance. By Crissi McDonald

BEHAVIOR: The Gift of Happiness 10 ways to add more joy to your dog’s day. By Karen B. London, PhD

ON THE JOB: Shelter Dogs Go Pro High-energy shelter dogs get a second chance in search and rescue. By Jen Blood



Let Dogs Be Dogs; Craig & Fred; Chancer; Rescued



 POV: Puppy Blues By Karen Louis DVM, MS

Happy Hygge Days: Get ready to canoodle.

Time to Share and Get Along

Year of the Brown Dog; Myths; Dogeared

Groundbreaking Humane Law, Huge Victory for Off-Leash Advocates.

Living Small: Tiny house, many dogs. By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell

Our Guide to Holiday Gift-Giving

Smiling Dogs: Readers’ Favorite and Always Irresistible


Elizabeth Swan
Michele Britton Birkenshaw

Phyllis Sanchez Gussler

From This Issue

• Meet Tucker - Bark's Cover Dog: Winter 2017
• Yes, You Can Bring Your Dog to Hawaii - Plan ahead to skip Hawaii’s canine quarantine
• Veterinarians Get the Puppy Mill Blues - A vet’s-eye view of the new-puppy appointment
• Remembering Jackson - A boy slowly welcomes a new dog into his life.
• Breaking the Puppy Mill Supply Chain - Groundbreaking Humane Laws
• Saving Spanish Greyhounds - Rescue groups offer hope for used and abused “disposable dogs.”
• Hypothyroidism in Dogs: Is An Underactive Thyroid to Blame? - Hypothyroidism symptoms, diagnosis and treatments
• iSpeak Dog: Website Explains Dog Language to Users - Get clued in to what your dogs are trying to tell you.
• Artful Selfies with Dogs - Masterful artist self-portraits with canine muses.