Issue 93: Spring 2018

We’ve assembled a trove of exclusive conversations and thought provoking articles in Bark’s upcoming Spring issue … we go behind the scenes with Andy Gent, the head puppet/model maker for the new and not-to-be-missed Wes Anderson animated feature, Isle of Dogs. Christie Green offers a master class on how to use Tai Chi to help navigate canine behavior challenges. Behavior columnist Karen London looks at the science behind canine sleep, while veterinarian Karen Fine provides a prescription for mourning the loss of a beloved dog. Karen Atlas details how PT/rehab gave a Golden a fighting chance at mobility.

Konnie LeMay profiles the Retrievers, a resourceful volunteer group that takes on the challenge of finding lost dogs in her home state of Minnesota. The award-winning investigative reporter Tom Junod examines the state of the American dog, the Pit Bull, and tries to untangle the reasons so many are killed every day in our shelters.

Also notable: The Bark editor-in-chief Claudia Kawczynska was thrilled to interview the authors of two exemplary literary works—Sigrid Nunez’s novel, The Friend, a work quite unlike anything before it about grief and renewal; and Stephen Kuusisto’s Have Dog, Will Travel, a memoir about his first guide dog and how she changed this blind poet’s life.


Isle of Dogs: Behind the scenes with head puppet-maker of Wes Anderson’s newest film.

Year of the Dog: A celebration of dog-centric Asian art.

The Lost & Their Finders: The art and heart of tracking canine runaways. By Konnie LeMay

The State of the American Dog: The most ubiquitous dog in the U.S. is now the Pit Bull. Which makes it curious that we as a culture kill so many of them. By Tom Junod

Interview & Excerpt: Stephen Kuusisto, Have Dog, Will Travel. A memoir of learning to navigate life with a guide dog.

Interview & Excerpt: Sigrid Nunez, The Friend. A novel exploring friendship, grief and the depths of canine companionship. By Claudia Kawczynska

Endpiece: Learning to Walk an Old Dog. Taking it slow and easy brings well-earned delight. By Sara Greenslit, DVM, CVA


WELLNESS: How physical therapy gave a Golden a fighting chance at mobility. By Karen Atlas, PT, MPT, CCRT

HUMANE TRAVEL: Free to Be. Nepal’s dogs are deeply rooted in its culture. By Amber van Leuken

Flash Fiction/In Their Voices: Let’s Go for a Walk. By Stephanie Vance

ESSAY: A Prescription for Grief A veterinarian provides wise counsel for a most difficult time. By Karen Fine, DVM

BEHAVIOR: Canine Sleep. Where love and science meet. By Karen B. London, PhD

TRAINING: The Dog-Training Revolution Will online resources replace your local obedience class? By Julia Lane

INSIGHTS: Tai chi offers a method for positioning yourself around dogs. By Christie Green

Sketchbook: Music inspired Year of the Dog drawings. By Michael Gillette


The Friend; Have Dog, Will Travel; Wisdom of Wolves


Guest Editorial: The Brodie Fund. By Jen Sotolongo 

Smiling Dogs: Readers’ Favorite and Always Irresistible

Super Seeds: Nutritional powerhouses; recipe for seeded dog biscuits.

Ask the Trainer: Rewarding Recall

Spring Safety Tips

How I Found My Dog: Maja Kazazic and Rosie

Dog Events/Travel in the Pacific Northwest

Dog-Walking Etiquette By Angela Brittain & Andrea Servadio


Paul Castonguay

Ronnie Sirmans

Elizabeth Johnston

From This Issue

• Q&A with Stephen Kuusisto Author of “Have Dog, Will Travel” - About his first guide dog and how she changed this blind poet’s life.
• Isle of Dogs: A Masterpiece of Imagination - Wes Anderson creates a skillful fusion of adventure and culture.
• Learning to Walk an Old Dog - A call for improving our etiquette with older dogs.
• In Conversation with Sigrid Nunez - Author of the novel The Friend
• Tai Chi and Dogs - Using an ancient mind-body exercise can provide a method for how to handle dogs.
• A Golden Retriever Makes a Remarkable Recovery - How physical therapy gave a dog a fighting chance at mobility
• Recipe for Seeded Dog Biscuits - How to make your own basic dog biscuits.
• Dog-Walking Etiquette - Follow these four basic ground rules when walking the dog
• A Vet Gives Wise Counsel About Grieving - (Or, how I mourned my own dog)
• Dog Sleep: Where Love and Science Meet - Should we allow dogs to sleep in our beds?
• Poem: An Old Dog Teaches My Dog to Swim - For Neptune and Nina, friends