Issue 98: Summer 2019

In this summer issue we welcome back Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative journalist John Woestendiek, unravelling the latest news from the strange world of dog cloning. Such a bizarre pursuit; it’s a mystery to me that people spend so much money trying to re-create their dog, especially since the cloned version is never truly the same. Rebecca Wallick introduces us to the Guide Dogs for the Blind’s puppy-raising program, which includes an option that allows volunteers to share the responsibilities, making it possible for more people to do this invaluable work. Don’t miss Karen London’s wonderful take on the connections we have with our dogs, and how deeply they can be felt by both of us. Also, check out the lead article in DogPatch: evidence that this connection is genetically driven. Nearby is a piece I wrote after stumbling upon a truly fascinating study that involved analyzing what Bronze Age people and their dogs ate—imagine identifying the elements of meals consumed several thousand years ago! The results reveal how close dogs’ diets were to their people’s, and the findings may surprise you, especially if you follow the paleo model.

We also have a postcard from Costa Rica about the (semi)wild dogs of Pavones, tips on making your dog seaworthy, and what to know when hiking with your dog during snake season. A profile of Megan Parker, co-founder of Working Dogs for Conservation, reveals her dedication to both dogs and science, as well as the impact these canine detectives have on the vital work of protecting other species.

On the artful side, there’s a glimpse of a new exhibition that focuses on 16 centuries of animals in Japanese Art, now on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and later, traveling to LA—this is a must see. And noted interior designer Sheila Bridges tells us about her fascination with dogs, both at home and in her work.

Finally, some summer-specific advice. Because pups overheat quickly, limit your more strenuous activities to early morning or evenings, and in between, invite the dogs to curl up in the shade with you as you read the latest from The Bark.


How Deep Is Our Love?
The connection between people and dogs is the stuff of legend.
By Karen B. London, PhD

Weird Science
Cloning a beloved dog is possible … but is it a good idea?
By John Woestendiek

Raising a Guide Dog for the Blind
Volunteers provide puppies with the foundation they need to serve.
By Rebecca Wallick

Bronze Age Dogs’ Diets
Low protein, high carb, just like their humans.
By Claudia Kawczynska

Call of the Wild
Profile of Megan Parker, co-founder of Working Dogs for Conservation.
By Louise Johns

The Dog Room
Sheila Bridges honors dogs in special design project.
By Cameron Woo


Nemo in the Arctic
Artist depends on dog to have her back.
By Lisa Goren

Gone Walkabout
Hiking reconnects city dogs with their essential nature.
By Michael Brandow

Art Exhibits
Japan’s Artful Dogs
Guardians, companions, zodiac animal—canines are a constant in Japanese culture.
By Susan Tasaki


SERVICE DOGS: 12 Misconceptions about service dogs and those who use them.
By Kaelynn Partlow

DIY: Dog collage indulge your inner artist with this engaging project.
By Kimberly Santini

IN THEIR VOICES: A Misunderstanding
By Kate Brackett

STAYS: Idaho & New York & North Carolina; Ketchum; Catskill’s Tiny Houses; and Asheville, Bark’s Best Stay

SAFETY: Snake! Encounters with venomous snakes can end badly—here’s what to keep in mind.
By Sandra Roth

OUTDOORS: Taking the Plunge! A sailing liveaboard life, complete with dogs.
By Jules Fredrick

POSTCARD: From Costa Rica—The (almost) wild dogs of Pavones.
By Sarah Kilgallon

BOOK REVIEWS: The Animal’s Companion; Gone Walkabout

By Tom Brenner


Guest Editorial: A Center of Hope By Victoria Sanderson
Is loving dogs genetic?
MUTTS by Patrick McDonnell
Foxtails begone with OutFox; Beards vs. Fur; Doob’s 3D mini-mes
Drop-in pet clinics come to Walmart
Editor’s Picks: Made in the USA
Colorado Hemp Honey; Kate Brennan Hall’s Tea Towels; Antler Biscuits & Powders; UnderdogWonderdog Signs
Smiling Dogs: Summer’s delightful winners
CBD Research Update

From This Issue

• Japan’s Artful Dogs - Guardians, companions, zodiac animal—canines are a constant in Japanese culture.
• How Deep Is the Love for Our Dogs? - The connection between people and dogs is the stuff of legend.
• Keeping Dogs Safe from Snake Bites - Encounters with venomous snakes can end badly for dogs—here’s what to keep in mind
• Dog Clearing up a Mystery - In Their Voices
• How to Make Adorable Collage Art of Your Dog - A fun DIY art project to do of your pup.
• Study Finds Men With Beards Have More Germs Than Dogs - Dogs pose no risk sharing the same MRI machines as humans.
• Raising a Guide Dog Puppy - Volunteers provide puppies with strong foundations for service dog training