Issue 99: Fall 2019

Autumn is also traditionally the season during which publishers release new books, and in this issue, we present a cornucopia of dog-centric works; the publishing world really can’t seem to get enough of their love. Our Dogs, Ourselves is bestselling author-researcher Alexandra Horowitz’s newest, and we jumped at the chance to talk with her about it, and about its focus on the human side of the dual-species bond. We chat with Patrick McDonnell, Bark’s favorite cartoonist and the man behind the MUTTS comic strip, about his newest collection and 25 years of bringing us the inimitable cast of characters we’ve long loved.

Paul McGreevy, a vet and  animal behaviorist, teamed up with fellow scientist Melissa Starling to produce their insightful and entertaining guide, Making Dogs Happy. In the UK, we tag along with Molly, a talented Spaniel, and Colin Butcher, her sleuthing partner, who locate lost cats; their story is a delightful read. And our long-time art-aficionado pal, Susie Green, has a new book, Dogs in Art, that’s chock full of gorgeous, masterful works.

Recent advances in the field of shelter care and management are covered by Karen London. While she reports that great strides have been made, far too many animals are being killed because there doesn’t seem to be enough space, or new homes, to accommodate them. While this is challenging in all parts of the country, it seems to be even more pressing in the South. Cara Sue Achterberg tells us about an effort that to turn that tide, or at the least, to inspire others to do so.

Don’t miss Courtney Sexton’s perceptive essay, “The Longest Love Story,” on how dogs and humans coevolved. Another way of looking at that bond and the way can influence our behavior, our fiction selection, “Vigilantes” by Bonnie Schroeder, will surely resonate with many of our readers.

Looking ahead, we encourage you to keep shelters and rescue organizations in mind. Adopt, foster, volunteer, contribute—there are many ways to pitch in. We hope you take time to engage with your local organizations and learn how you can help.

Now, as trees shed their leaves and the days grow shorter, we invite you to jump into this issue, ideally, with a dog at your side.


Comic Arts

Dogs: If you made a list of all the dogs you have ever known. By Lynda Barry

The Longest Love Story

How we became human—an ongoing exploration. By Courtney Sexton

The Economics of Animal Rescue

Business plans could help more shelters save more dogs.  By Cara Sue Achterberg

Fiction: Vigilantes

A neighborhood comes to the rescue, sort of. By Bonnie Schroeder


The Art of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

MUTTS celebrates its silver anniversary—Earl and Mooch are 25!

Our Dogs, Ourselves by Alexandra Horowitz

In her new book, the author of the best-seller Inside of a Dog takes a look at the human side of the equation.

Making Dogs Happy by Paul McGreevy and Melissa Starling

A guide to how dogs think and what they want.

Molly by Colin Butcher

The true story of the amazing dog who rescues cats.

Dogs in Art  by Susie Green

Hefty new book captures the canines who’ve romped through art across the ages.

Doctor Dogs by Maria Goodavage

Dogs are good medicine, in so many ways.

Stormy by Guojing

A children’s book that doesn’t need words to convey a big message.


SERVICES: DogBoy’s Dog Ranch

A good place in Texas to sit & stay. By Kathryn Haueisen

WORKING DOGS: Helping the Helpers

A new breed of service dog supports first responders. By Crissi McDonald

TRAVEL: Pet Sitters in Paradise

How to see the world and indulge in dog love, too. By Jill Draper

HUMANE: Trend Spotting

10 ways animals shelters are upping their game. By Karen London, PhD

ADVOCACY: Just Say No to Puppy Mills Q&A with Rory Kress.

BOOK REVIEWS: Where the Lost Dogs Go; Dog Is Love; Heart of Darkness; Bark of Night

ENDPIECE: A New Lady Friend By Maribel Steel


Guest Editorial: Furever We Love Dog Rescue, by Mike Clark

Dogs to Our Rescue

Pet Leasing; No-Kill State

Campaigning for Humane Welfare; Winter Safety Tips; Coastal Travel

Film Reviews: Three Picks

Give a Book: Three Charming Gems

Gift Guide: Thoughtful Holiday Giving

Smiling Dogs: Autumn’s delightful winners

Poetry Margaret Bendow, C. Christine Fair, Jane Robbins

From This Issue

• Q&A with Alexandra Horowitz - Bark editor-in-chief Claudia Kawczynska in conversation with one of dogdom’s groundbreaking authors and researchers
• Just Say No To Puppy Mills: Q&A With Rory Kress - Bark editor-in-chief Claudia Kawczynska in conversation with Rory Kress, author of The Doggie in the Window
• Gift Picks for Dog Lovers - 2019 Gift Guide
• Furever We Love Dog Rescue - How my wife and I started a rescue devoted to rehoming dogs who’ve lost their families to debility or death.
• A Few Tips to Keep Your Dogs Safe in Winter - Cold weather and shorter daylight hours call for extra vigilance and special care.
• Humans + Dogs: The Longest Love Story - How we became human—an ongoing exploration.
• The Economics of Animal Rescue - Business plans could help more animal shelters save more dogs
• DogBoy's Dog Ranch - A good place in Texas to sit & stay
• Movie Reviews: Pariah Dog, Los Reyes, Buddy - Global Must-See Documentaries for Dog Lovers
• Dogs Helping the Helpers - A new breed of facility dog supports first responders