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Join the Conversation for a Chance to Win 3 Great Books
Special feedback request: How can we make our website better?

Welcome back to Off Leash, Bark’s Wednesday open thread, your chance to catch up with other Bark readers and our editors and contributors during a real-time chat. We’ve had some wonderful expert guests during the past few weeks talking about veterinary care, service dogs, rescue and behavior but today Bark readers are center stage. You set the agenda—tell us what’s on your mind.

Well, mostly. We do have our own little agenda; we’re brainstorming ways to improve TheBark.com, and we want your feedback. So while you’re here, tell us: What can we do to make our website better? Members of the Bark team will be stopping in all day with this and related questions.

Plus, we have an extra special incentive today, one open thread participant will be selected at random to receive three excellent dog books handpicked by Bark editor Claudia Kawczynska. The worthy summer-read trifecta includes:

So let your voice be heard, and be sure to include your email when you register to comment, so we can contact you if you win.

Please note: We let you speak your piece on the open thread without editing but obscene, abusive, offensive or commercial comments will be taken down. We close the thread at 4 p.m. PST.

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