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Quiz: Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?

BFF quiz parody aimed at dog people seems normal
By Cameron Woo, March 2021, Updated June 2021
dog bff

We saw a cartoon* recently titled “Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?,” an amusing creation by Grace Miceli—one of those quizzes conceived to make fun of dog people—the supposed inanity a reflection of how “far gone” people are who intensely love their dogs. Funny thing though, the questions they asked, the ones that are supposed to make us look crazy … uh, didn’t seem all that crazy. What do you think?

Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend?
Q: Does your dog have at least five nicknames? True or False
Q: Do you feed your dog before yourself? True or False
Q: Do you share your exciting news with your dog before anyone else? True or False
Q: Is your dog the first thing you see, smell or touch when you wake up in the morning? True or False
Q: Have you ever looked into dog cloning? (à la Barbra Streisand) True or False
Q. Does your significant other often require clarification on whether you are speaking to them or the dog? True or False

(If you scored 1-2 True answers: Maybe you’re a cat person; 3-4 True: You’re definitely close.; 5-6 True: Congratulations! You’re officially B.F.F.s.)

*seen in the New Yorker’s Daily Shouts enewsletter, original by Grace Miceli


A Man Dancing with a Dog, François Verwilt (attributed to), c.1640—c.1660 oil on panel. Collection of the Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam.

Cameron Woo is co-founder of The Bark magazine, and was its Publisher for over two decades. He was also the magazine’s Art Director.

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