Issue 37: Jul/Aug 2006

Bark’s July issue is a celebration of the “Summer of Love—Year of the Dog” style. There are treats galore awaiting you. From dogs who get a kick out of soccer, or love nothing better than to take really long dives from docks, to tips on getting your dog fit and ready for summer activities. Our extended Dogpatch brings you lists and lists of seasonal picks and tips—look for the many ways you can make this summer memorable (and safe) for you and your pups. Find out what behaviorist Patricia McConnell has to say about the importance of your dog’s name. Follow Lisa Wogan as she shadows intrepid pet detective Kat Albrecht and her canine partner. Be inspired by an interview with Elizabeth Wrenn; if you’ve ever given thought to raising a Guide Dog puppy, you might follow through after reading it. And be sure to notice the happy, “flower pup” spirit of our cover dog, Clover, a fine ambassador for the world of “special needs” canines. Like other dogs who’ve lost a limb to injury or disease, having only three leg doesn’t slow her down or affect her zest for life. Capping it all, we have a stellar piece of fiction by Paul Mandelbaum. “Animal Shelter” is a story of a young woman who, with the help of a rescued dog, learns to move beyond regrets.


Three Legs to Stand On They may be missing a limb, but three-legged dogs aren’t missing out on any fun. By Dana Standish
Kat Albrecht, Pet Detective Searching for lost pets with a law-enforcement and SAR tools at her disposal. By Lisa Wogan
Rembrandt’s Dog Rescuing the artist’s 400-year-old dogs from oblivion. By Stephanie Schorow
And Now I See Raising a Guide Dog pup inspires author Elizabeth Wrenn’s new work. By Roxanne Hawn
Somewhere in Chicago: The Art of Tony Fitzpatrick Bill Savage introduces this incomparable Chicago artist.

Soccer Dogs Some dogs get a kick out of the game. By John Turnbull
Junior & Scardog A cyclist recalls the dogs he saw along a 2,640-mile cycling journey. By Erik Schlimmer
13 Questions Interviewing dogs conjures up squirrely thoughts. By Susan Miller
Rex in the City Rex turns even the most dog-averse into admirers. By Lee Harrington
Postcard from Mexico City The Avenida Francisco Sosa as seen through the eyes of a Pug named Picadou. By C.M. Mayo

Animal Shelter A stray finds a young woman make peace with memories of her parents. By Paul Mandelbaum

[Research News ] Are harnesses better than collars?
[Legislative News ] Maine passes pet protection bill.
[Wellness] The big fat truth about canine obesity. By Christie Keith
[Q&A] Teach your dog how to run for fun. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Crafts] One-of-a-kind crochet collars. By Trina Moore
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: What you name your dog is important. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[People Who Matter] Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation. By Heather Bloch
[Sports] Dive In! Dock-diving dogs make a huge splash. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Endpiece] Simon at the Drive-In By Sandy Michel

Take Them Out to the Ball Game
The Biggest Loser, Canine Edition
Road Trippin’
Doggy Camps
Summer Lit Picks
Heavy Petting
Avoid Heatstroke
Does Your Dog Need Sunscreen?
Lavish Digs for Pets

From This Issue

• A Team Player - An "ah-ha" moment led baseball manager Tony La Russa to establish the Animal Rescue Foundation
• Dive In! - The water is always fine when you and your dog go dock diving.
• Cool Crochet Collars - A crochet hook, a button and a little yarn are all you need.
• Dog Quotes - Who said that?
• Dogs Who Love Soccer--and Try to Join the Game - Some dogs get a kick out of the game
• Pet Detective - With a leash and a prayer, Kat Albrecht pursues an admirable goal: improve the odds when a best friend goes missing.
• The Big Fat Truth About Canine Obesity - Changing our own habits can help our dogs live longer
• The Art of Tony Fitzpatrick - Fantastic, Mythic, Realistic Dogs