Issue 43: Jul/Aug 2007

Ah, summer! Time for good reads, water play and spirited games of Frisbee fetch. Lucky for you, we’ve covered all the bases in the July/August issue. The special “Lit Mix” is a veritable picnic of stories that will make you smile, sigh and think—and you may even discover a new writer or two. Smart water-ways are also covered; be inspired by a backyard water feature for Border Collies amusement, and learn how to keep your dog safe while on a boat or at poolside. The Frisbee is 50 this year, and we’re celebrating its anniversary with a trio of stories on this high-flyer—its creation, its use in scientific research, and its “Disc Dog” practitioners. Other highlights: humane education in Africa, a new breed of boarding kennel, special-needs dogs, dogs who provide a safety net for diabetics, and our tried and true columnists on dog law, behavior and training. It’s all inside, waiting for you!




The Suite Life A new breed of boarding facility. By Rachel Bonilla
Africa Outreach Humane educator Karen Menczer helps Africa’s domestic dogs. By David Pluth
Five Boys and a Bear (and a Bag) Bear sighting scuttles sleeping bag field test—Dachshunds mystified. By Val Mallinson
Dog Days and Summer Magic By Fred Damiano
A Flying Icon Spins Gold Frisbee celebrates 50 years of high-soaring fun. Plus, The Math of Fetch By Kevin Skaggs

I Done Them Wrong Caught in the act. By Cathy Crimmins
Summer Dog Looking for love—and a meal. By Bernice Kolier
Evie Dog holds the key to the secret of delight. By J.R. Ackerley
What Wallace Learned How to live in the city… and how to live. By Lee Harrington
A Dog’s Work Is Never Done Searching for mountain lions. By Don Katnik
Linguistics Canine colloquialisms decoded. By Mark Peters
Dog Stories Open a memory gate to all the dogs you’ve known and loved. By Lynda Barry

[At Work] Ballpark Dog Detroit Tigers’ head groundskeeper signs up her Bullmastiff. By Chris Lezotte
[By the Numbers] Top 10 Topics What’s on the minds of canine behaviorists? By Karen B. London, PhD
[Home] Water Collies Water wonderland designed for the dogs. By Deb Norman
[Safety] Smooth Sailing Read this before casting off with your pup. By Tracy Acosta, DVM
[Special Needs] Moving On Dogs with spinal cord injuries teach lessons in humanity. By Marcy Epstein, PhD
[Service Dogs] An Immeasurable Bond Four-legged safety net for people with diabetes. By Susan Lyte King
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash Why all our dogs can’t be above average By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Sport] Disc Drive If your dog is a fetch fanatic, you’ll go far in the sport. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Products] Summer trippin’—cool stuff for pups.
[Guest Editorial] Recall Call-Out Pet-food manufacturers challenged to earn consumers’ respect. By Christie Keith and Gina Spadafori
[Dog Law] Ask the Expert Assigning accountability in the pet food recall. By Geordie Duckler, JD, PhD
[Vet Tips] Waterwise Swimming pool safety in the sweet summertime. By Patty Khuly, DVM
[Reviews] Dreaming in Libro by Louise Bernikow, Help! I’m Barking and I Can’t Be Quiet by Daniel Q. Estep, PhD, and Suzanne Hetts, PhD Shaggy Muses by Maureen Adams, Dog Sense by Sneed B. Collard, III Also Noted: Visiting the Dog Park by Cheryl S. Smith, Stray by Stacey Goldblatt

Mood Swings—Research shows that dogs’ tails tell all.
Chow—Pugs Leap Cheese.
Online Kibble—Tasty web bits.
Dog Park Tips—How to help your dog have a good experience.
OLA Partnership—New leash on life for a Capitol Hill cemetery.
Citrus Crate Labels—Images of dogs helped sell the American dream.
How Humane Is Your City?—West Coast leads the list.
Eco Dog—The latest on planet-friendly scoopers.
Show & Tell—Send us your faves and we’ll share them.
Staredown in Central Park—Border Collies give Canada geese the bum’s rush.
Toby Does the Heimlich—Dog lends a lifesaving paw.
Smiling Dogs—A new family album.

From This Issue

• Summer Dog - Looking for love—and a meal.
• Service Dogs for Diabetics - Hypoglycemia-detecting canines provide a safety net
• Ballpark Dog - Major League Baseball’s first female head groundskeeper recruits her big working dog
• Five Boys and a Bear (and a Bag) - Who knew the wilderness could be so ... wild?
• Frisbee Celebrates 50 Years - A Flying Icon Spins Gold
• How to Figure Out Your Dog's Mood - Tell-tail signs that your dog is feeling groovy
• Behavior: Dog Park Tips - A to-do list for a great dog park visit
• Water Collies - Lucky dogs frolic in a water wonderland designed just for them
• Africa Outreach - Humane educator Karen Menczer works at the grassroots to help Africa’s dogs