Issue 60: Jun/Jul/Aug 2010

In this, our summer issue, we go outdoors, seeking the discoveries, joys and unexpected encounters that await us and our intrepid co-pilots during these warm months. We start with our Editors’ Outward Hound picks and tips—did you know that you can train your dog to find naturally shed deer antlers? These make great “organic” chews. Or did you know that many ski resorts allow dogs and their well-behaved owners to use their gondolas in the off season, ride high up, and have a breathtaking walk down? We cover the latest sport that every dog can do—using simple props and their most highly-tuned sense—K9 Nose Work. And from a pro in the field, see what it takes for a woman and her pup to earn SAR certifications in Scent of the Missing. Have you noticed how many “wild” types of meat are showing up in pet food these days? We look at the back story on this trend. Barbara Smuts, PhD and Camille Ward, PhD pose the question: Does Your Dog Need a BFF? Find out what these researchers have learned. One of our fav dog books is now an animated film, we talk with the artists behind My Dog Tulip, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger. As always, there is so much more—learn plants to avoid, tips on biking with a pup copilot, why “tug” is definitely in and what it means to be a good breeder. Great reads, fab art and dogs aplenty—pick up a copy of Bark today!

Nose Work: Honing dog’s scenting abilities through fun and games. By Sandra Mannion
My Dog Tulip: The Film Animating a book classic with filmmakers, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger  Q&A with Edward Guthmann
Exotic Meats: Out of the wild and unto the pet shop shelf By Martha Schindler Connors
Does Your Dog Need a BFF?: Researchers confirm that they do. By Barbara Smuts, PhD and Camille Ward, PhD
The Stepping-Off Place: Fiction-contest finalist’s idealized island retreat. By Don Katnik
Scent of the Missing: an excerpt exploring partnerships between handlers and SAR dogs. By Susannah Charleson
Summer Art Eric Fischl, Timothy Horn, Fairfield Porter and Mark Ulriksen

[The Simple Life] Camping By Jenna Woginrich
[Second Opinion] Three-Legged Dogs By Nick Trout, DVM
[Talking Training] Generation Gap By Victoria Stilwell
[Outdoors] What Was That My Dog Just Rolled In? By Diane Gibbons
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash: Well Bred By Patricia McConnell, PhD
[Assistance] Courthouse Dogs Go South to Chile By Ellen O’Neill-Stephens
[Health] Rash Action: common plant causes allergic reaction By Eleanor K. Sommer
[Activity] Putting the Pup into Biking By Finley Fagan
[Howl] Top Secret By Jim McDevitt
[Training] Myths of Canine-Human Play: Wrestling is out, tug is in. By Karen London, PhD
[Vet Advice] Frustrating Foxtails By Nancy Kay, DVM
[Endpiece] Devotion By David Weiskircher
[Poem] Purna Flying By Ann Goethe
[Book Reviews] Love is the Best Medicine, I Thought You Were Dead, Every Dog Has a Gift, Not Fit for a Dog!, Puppy Primer, Scent of the Missing

Outward Hound
Editors’ Picks and Tips for summer adventures
News: Triclosan Alert; Canine Origin Findings
Smiling Dogs
Kit’s Corner: Fair Trade for Dogs
Show & Tell: Summer Frolics

Web Exclusives

From This Issue

• K9 Nose Work - The latest training activity develops your dog’s natural scenting abilities through fun and games
• Outward Hound - Bark editors share their summer picks.
• Vet School Team Solves Dog's Mystery Rash - Max’s itchy skin problem resolved.
• Top Secret - A Tale of Dogs, Flatulence and Giardia
• Dog-Friendly Farm Stays - Unleashing our inner farm dog.
• How to Take Your Dog on a Bicycle Ride - Tips on Putting the Pup into Biking
• Solving the Generation Gap - Talking Training Stilwell
• My Dog Tulip - J.R. Ackerley’s classic is adapted brilliantly to the screen
• Read the Label: Exotic Meats in Dog Food - Exotic or “wild” types of meat are showing up in pet food.
• Kit's Corner: Fair Traders - Check out our "Fair Traders" Edition of Kit's Corner!
• Kit's Corner: Summer Treats - Summer edition of Kit's Corner!
• Courthouse Dogs Go South - Chile adopts groundbreaking victim-support program
• K9 Nose Work [VIDEO] - Honing dog's scenting abilities through fun and games.
• Web Exclusives: Jun/Jul/Aug 2010 - Expand your horizons here.