Juntos Humane Education

By River Karmen, September 2015
Juntos’s Cool Cats Summer Camp

I was thrilled to read Twig Mowatt’s “Creating Animal Ambassadors.” I am the president of Juntos, a nonprofit on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.

The organization is committed to promoting humane treatment of all animals on the island by strengthening the human/animal bond through educational awareness and community outreach. We have succeeded in bringing a privately funded humane education teacher into the public school system.

It is comforting and affirming to know that there are other islands in the Caribbean who are committed to educating children in the humane treatment of animals as a way to bring lasting change and improvement for those animals.

To learn more about Juntos visit juntosvieques.org


Photos via Juntos

River Karmen is the Director of Juntos, and a professional photographer who has lived and worked on Vieques Island for the past twenty years.