K9 Nose Work [VIDEO]

Honing dog's scenting abilities through fun and games.
By The Bark Editors, June 2010, Updated June 2021

Discover K9 Nose Work, the latest training activity that develops your dog’s natural scenting abilities through fun and games. The sport leverages every dog’s amazing sense of smell and their love of performing a task. Geared for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages—K9 Nose Work has found enthusiastic participants seeking a lower impact canine activity that offers great rewards for both handlers and their dogs. By utilizing basic search dog skills, the sport builds confidence, burns off mental and physical energy, and reinforces the bond between dog and owner. All levels of performance reap these benefits and are welcome.

Watch a video of a Nose Work session in action and check out the following sites for more information on classes, tools for training and competition requirements.

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 60: Jun/Jul/Aug 2010

 Photographs by Daniela Lopez