Let's Go For a Walk

In Their Voices
By Stephanie Vance, May 2018, Updated May 2021
Two dogs chase and play

Adam has the leash the leash! in his hand and he asks if I want to go to the park and I jump and jump all four paws off the floor I must be sure he knows I want to go! and he laughs and calls the one named Sarah and the one named Molly the human pup Molly whose chair I sit under because she drops food and I eat it fast before Adam and Sarah can see and Sarah and Molly come to the door and we leave as a pack to go to the park the park! where I smell Bosco and Jack and Rex and Sam and Argus and Murphy and Willie who all run and I run with them the grass tickles my belly and the wind whips my ears and I chase Bosco who chases Rex who chases Sam but I see Argus lick Molly and no one may lick Molly except me! so I run to my pack and I growl but Adam the alpha says it’s OK so I stop and Molly has her squishy fluffy toy bear in her hand her toy I may not have though all squishy things should be mine! but  I must not touch for it is hers so I try to take Bosco’s ball but Adam calls me to him and I come for Adam is the alpha and he must know what’s best so I go to him and he tells me to sit so I sit and stare at him and he gives me a biscuit to tell me I am a good dog and I am a good dog we are all good dogs we are a good pack and oh look a squirrel!   

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 93: Spring 2018