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Letters to the Editor: Issue 55


Thank you for the new recipes! I just made the “Puppy Stew” recipe (“Cheaper Eats” May ’09) and gave some to each of my three senior rescue dogs. The verdict was unanimous—another winner! I have been preparing “Project: Meatloaf” (Mar. ’08) in assorted forms and permutations, using various grains, proteins and veggies. The recipes are nutritious and easy, and based upon the eating behavior of my dogs, delicious as well. Thanks so much for helping us keep our dogs healthy.
—Dianne Houghtaling
Lansdale, Penn.
Ed. Note: These and other recipes can be found on thebark.com/wellness.

Holly & Kit
I was touched in many ways by your story about Holly and Kit (May ’09). I co-founded and run the Colorado Animal Rescue Express, or C.A.R.E., a nonprofit, 501(c)3 animal transport group, and your comment about seeing Holly’s face and knowing that you would do whatever it took to adopt her was so touching (and familiar). An important part of my volunteer job is to network the dogs, and some kitties, from high-kill shelters in the Midwest to rescue groups here in Colorado. When I see those faces—hundreds every day—I just know that I must help them find their new lives. C.A.R.E. was started in June 2007. In less than two years, we have transported almost 4,000 animals (read more at caretransport.org). Thank you for saving Holly and Kit, and for being willing to persevere in your efforts to get them home and give them the life they deserve.
—Linda Fox
Littleton, Colo.

I was just thrilled to read about the rescue and transport of Holly and Kit. I have been a transporter for over seven years and also have received hundreds of email pleas for help from “James Painter.” For years I have wondered who he is and how he has the time and energy to send out these lifesaving emails every day. Thank you so much for letting me know that it is his daughter, Dawn, who is doing this. I go through the emails every night and forward to breed-specific rescues that might be able to help. She has helped save many, many animals.
—Debbie Eades
Cincinnati, Ohio

As I was reading your diary on the rescue of Holly and Kit, I thought about our family dog, Tio, who was saved from death row before coming to live with my family in Germany. Tio was rescued from Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, by a German/Spanish rescue group and then flown to Germany (where I am from originally). I fully agree that working in an animal shelter (or with a rescue group) is not an easy job and it is definitely a place where you can find everyday heroes!
—Trini Gantner
New York, N.Y.

AKC Accountability
Margi Moore’s letter to the editor (May ’09) raises the question: “Why doesn’t anyone hold the AKC accountable for breeding mandates that create suffering in dogs?” Those of us in Oklahoma are wondering about this as we see opposition by the AKC to legislation that has been proposed to oversee puppy mills. Why doesn’t anyone hold the AKC accountable for opposing the humane treatment of pets? When you go to the legislation link on their website, you will see that they are against any state legislation that regulates puppy mills; they even provide a sample letter that members can send to Oklahoma legislators to voice opposition to the bill. It appears that for the AKC, it’s all about “Show me the money!” They want those registration fees. I understand now why my veterinarian looked at me with a scowl when I asked him if he had watched the Westminster Dog Show.
—Gayl Leichner
Oklahoma City, Ok.




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