Work of Dogs
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Life Vest
Helping law dogs

Law enforcement dogs—who are often sent ahead of their human counterparts to investigate dangerous situations and apprehend shady suspects—have one of the toughest jobs in the canine world. Unfortunately, many crime prevention agencies and police departments lack the funds necessary to outfit their dogs with life-saving Kevlar vests. Through the help of private donations, Vest-A-Dog is committed to protecting these K-9 heroes by providing vests to dogs in need. K-9 vests are bulletproof, stab-proof and help minimize blunt trauma injuries; in the past decade, these types of injuries have caused 60 percent of police dog deaths. Police K-9 handlers throughout the country can register their dogs with Vest-A-Dog to receive fundraising assistance. Visit their website to learn more about K9 vests and how you can join the Vest-A-Dog network, make a tax-deductible donation or notify your local police department about this opportunity.

Amelia Glynn is a San Francisco-based writer and editor.

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